Chanyeol's Letters. A (EXO) Chanyeol Fanfiction. The Third Letter


GENRE: Angst, Fluff.

Word count: 521


March 13th 2016

Dear Beloved ex,

This is my third letter, but I refuse to give up on this. I refuse to give up on you...

On Us.

I paid extra at the post office to get tracking on the last letter I sent you, so I know it got delivered...I just hope you read it.

How are you? I'm more concerned about you today because Kris called. After leaving the group, dropping contact with everyone...he calls out of the blue. Not to ask about the rest of the group, to ask about you. I was just as shocked as you probably are reading this. He said "you've been acting strange the past month". He said you've been waking up in a cold sweat, crying in your sleep and on some nights, crying out my name.

What's going on? I can't help but think that you got with Kris just to get back at me, but its back firing on you. Kris doesn't know you like i do. What's been on your mind? Those episodes only happen when you've had something clouding your mind for a while and you haven't spoken about it.

I don't know why you won't just talk to me! I know that I'm you're ex, but we've been through too much and I hate to see you hurting, just as much as you hate to see me hurting. I need to know that you're okay. Your well being means more to me than this petty shit that we've had going on.

I - I just need you to be okay.

I feel like I'm going crazy. It's been 9 months since I've heard from you. Im worried about you. In these letters, I've been pouring my heart out to you and never considering your feelings.

I need you to reply to me. Please. Let me know you're okay. If you dont reply, I can promise you i'll be on the next flight to japan. I have a house there, so staying won't be an issue.

Remember that trip we took on our one year anniversary? To the Namsan Tower to perform the tradition of sealing our love with the lock? right before we threw away the key i promised to forever be by your side, through thick and thin. No matter what came between us, I'll always be there to take care of you if i needed to. I promised to always remember that i was your friend before i was your boyfriend, so if anything bad happened to our relationship, our friendship came first. I know you need to be comforted right now.

You need to feel like someone cares.

Your heart is hurting and you can't deny it anymore.



Stop acting as if you're strong. Because in reality, I can see that you're breaking...

I need you to know that I'm one phone call away, one text away, one Facetime call away. i need you to know that I still love and care for you deeply.

Please reply when you get this.


Park Chan-yeol.

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