30 day song challenges Day 1-7

so I am going to a card once a week until information have all 30 songs down.@BeannachtOraibh tagged me in this Challenge. I think it is genius. Some songs will be kpop, latino, classical, rock, alt, country. It's going to be a very good variety because I have an eclectic taste. I hope you all enjoy it.

Day 1- Favorite Song- Pink Floyd -Another Brick in The Wall

hardfavorite song

Day 2-My least Favorite song-Queen-Another one Bites the dust

easyleast favorite song

Day 3- song that makes me happy- The Fray- How to Save a Life

Another Hard choice because so many song sake me happy. But I will pick this song because I was listening to it when I went into Labor with my son...So it reminds me of the happiest day of my life and my son literally saves my life everyday being a constant reminder and endless supply of hope.

Day 4- A song that makes me sad-John Michael Montgomery- The little girl

so many songs make me sad but this one especially brings tears to my eyes. It is mentions so much of my troubled childhood memories of my parents and their drug induced days to the abuse I receives at my grandmother's hands. But this song at the same time gave me a small kernel of hope. But right now I am trying to get custody or temporary custody of my little niece and nephew who are in that same environment of my sisters drug addicted mind. It really makes me sad but hopeful because I know Jesus is looking out for them until I can have them in my arms.

Day 5- A song that reminds me of someone- Gdragon HeartBreaker

again I have a lot of songs that remind me of someone but since I am especially missing my best friend this song adeptly describes her and her boyfriends relationship. so much so that I shared this song with her this weekend and she busted out laughing saying that this song totally describes her and nick and maybe even me and nate.

Day 6- Song that Reminds me of Somewhere- MGK- Cleveland...

Because this song represents my birthplace, a part of my childhood, and the place I call home no matter where I reside in the world at this moment. I will be forever from Cleveland and where it with pride even if our sports teams aren't the best. But when I feel like I am missing moments with my friends I play this song and in my mind I am instantly transported to my friends, to my city for a whole a song. Then when it's done I can smile and go on with my day. MGK is real down to earth...I seriously hate His song Wild boy that got him famous but he has so any more songs that I love and appreciate .

Day 7- A song that reminds me of an event- Tim Mcgraw She's my kind of Rain

If you can't tell music is a big part of my everyday life. I listen to music everyday. So I have many songs that remind me of an events, peoples, memories, I already chose some for other descriptions. So I am going to chose this song because it was a concert I went to with all three of my sisters. Tim Mcgraw at Blossom Music Center August 2010. My baby sister bought us the tickets when she came to visit for a week from Florida when I still lived in ohio. It was one night where we did not fight at all. We all listened and sang, drank and enjoyed ourselves. I remember especially singing this song with my sisters and just crying to this song because we all sang it from our hearts.

Well hoped you enjoyed this card. Next week will Be another card.@TessStevens@mchlyang@InPlainSight@AlloBaber@danidee@ButterflyBlu@Bitterlimelight@PassTheSuga@stevieq@SugalessJams@SugaOnTop@MadAndrea@MichelleIbarra@amobigbang@KwonOfAKind@KellyOConnor@kpopandkimchi@kpopgaby@lovetopia@ladygdragon@Jiyongixoxo@lilbr0wneyes@Helixx@lori3cub3s@ilikehisface@luna1171 well let me know if you want to be removed or keep being tagged.

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