Falling in love with him Rap mon fan fic.

Sorry it's taken so long to write the next part I just started my new semester in college I'm sure everyone knows something similar to this struggle. Part 2/7

Meeting the members : I can't believe that my company decided to hand over my contract so easily, when did my career become so disposable. I know that I'm just an intern who's still in school but how , how could they do this to me. (Y/n) It's time for us to leave you should now move into our companies quarters and settle in we also checked out your school schedule and made sure that you cleaning up after the boys and caring for them will not interfere with your work. Sir!! I say stopping him from walking away. " Why me? I'm average and I'm not even qualified to help these boys" He looks at me and lets out a sigh " you are very talented we have been hearing about your work here for awhile and lets face it the boys could use a change of pace , we do however have a few rules , let me call the boys in here to get this over woth okay?" 7 boys walk in. This is (y/n) she will be your personal assistant from now on she will also help me be responsible for all you crazy kids. All tall broad shoulder boy speaks up " I'm Jin the oldest excuse me for saying this but how can you take care of us you don't even look older than any of us, how old are you?" I'm 20 (you muster up enough courage to continue ) I will promise to work very hard and do whatever I can to help out. satisfied he nods "boys introduce yourselves" I am Jhope the hope of bts (he says with a smile you can tell is genuine ) Hello I am V ahhaa (he begins to laugh hysterically and it makes me feel less nervous ) I'm am Suga (he looks away and stops talking) I'm jungkook the youngest but the most handsome also. (he winks and moves closer) I am Jimin (he pushes Jungkook back and grabs your hand gently kisses it) Last but not least A tall guy walks up to me with a smile I could never forget I'm Rap mon the leader of Bts (he says in english and all I can think about are his dimples) welcome to our crazy life what's your name. You reply in English " My name is (y/n) nice to meet you all" The manager interupts :Here are the following rules for you all yes I know (y/n) is a girl a very attractive one at that so here are my rules. 1. You may never sleep in the same bed as any of them. 2. You must not fall for any of them and they must not fall for you. 3.There will be no inappropriate things going on between my members and you may not touch her either. 4.If you go out in public you must go in a group so people don't get the wrong idea 5. Never tell anyone you know them on a personal level. You all nod and agree Everything in your life will change. Packing all of your things from your dorm your roommates give you a confused look. (y/n) where are you going? you look at them giving a reassuring smile "I got a new job guys it's a live in one but I will still be her on weekends and I will see you all during classes don't worry I will keep in touch!" I'm so tired (i think to myself) I arrive at a house that's not very big but not small either . taking a deep breath in I open the door an see a HUGE MESS WTH WHY DO THESE GUYS LIVE LIKE THIS (I turn to try and run away there is no way I'm cleaning any of this) When I turn a hand grabs my wrist and i look straight into the leader himself eyes we lock our attetion onto one another. "Where are you going you just got here girl come in ( he gives me a sadistic smile) OMG I HAVE BEEN CLEANING FOR HOURS THAT'S IT! I GRAB THE WATER HOSE FROM OUT SIDE AND TURN THEM ON BUT I CLOSE THE NOZZLE TO KEEP THE HOUSE AS DRY AS POSSIBLE UNTIL I FIND THE BOYS ALL PLAYING VIDEO GAMES IN JIMINS ROOM. LAUGING HARD I TURN THE HOSE ON AND SPRAY THEM ALL .THEY BEGIN TO PANIC AND GET ANGRY SCREAMING AT ME BUT I DON'T CARE !!! Finally Jungkook picks me up and twirls me around and everyone joins in a water fight confused not having this intention you begin to laugh...

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