'Twas a night like any other when I was scrolling through my Vingle feed. I've seen SEVERAL people post Vingle card as part of a challenge. For all my Freshy Vinglers they are basically a fun way for the Vingle community to get to know you. As part of my Vingle debut I have decided to do this one which a saw on a card from@danidee. For those of you who have read my bio (thanx for reading it) I'm a developing opera singer. I think that I should let you in to my little kingdom of music.

DAY 1: MY FAVORITE SONG Already this is tough. I love every song I listen to. I genuinely have no preference of music, but the song that will live forever in my heart is SAM SMITH'S LAY ME DOWN. That song really cuts deeply everytime I hear it. Above I have put up BOTH The Official Video and The Red Nose Day Video in which he collaborated with John Legend. As I am typing this I am getting MAJOR feels. FEEEEEEEEELSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!.

A singing fangirl travels alot...from my room to the kitchen...and back again. 2NE1 is my number 1, and I miss them. EXO IS LOVE, EXO IS LIFE. I think that's it. OK Bye.
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