Banana Bundt Cake

Hello...hi Just finished bake this banana bundt cake tonight. This cake actually looks the same as banana pound cake. Honestly, I just found this recipe from Pinterest and decided to try it because I have extra ripe bananas at home and my kids don't want to eat it anymore

But, I'm sorry guys..I did not take the a picture of my cake tonight so I just take this picture directly from pinterest. Don't worry, this cake are super easy to make!! and yummy too . So, what are you waiting for? I'm glad to share this awesome cake recipe with all vinglers..

One more thing, I use to modified this recipe. I substitute SOUR CREAM with GREEK YOGURT. because greek yogurt are less calory than sour cream. I always reduce the amount of SUGAR and love using BROWN SUGAR for all my cake. I don't know why but I just love it.

I'm sorry again because I skip the icing part.. I don't like icing for my cake except choc ganashe cream But if you like topping your cake with any frost cream or anything else, please do so. Enjoy baking ✌

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