Agent Carter Addresses Racism This Season


Was this a direct response to the fans?

We all love Agent Carter here on Vingle. Here are some of the reactions from last night's community talk to give you an idea of how excited we all were:

The second season is definitely living up to our expectations.

Any historian will tell you that New York City in the 40s and 50s was an incredibly diverse place, so it's a little ridiculous for a show made in 2015 to only cast white actors in a show set there.

*Spoilers contained in the discussion below*

He's also African-American- and the first season regular to be nonwhite.

"Sparks fly and adventure ensues."

This season takes place in 1947, when interracial marriage was still illegal in California.

And it's not just to make Peggy look good, either.

His persecution is not an opportunity for her to swoop in and save the day.

Peggy has always been about kicking down barriers.

So whether it's in response to the fans or simply carrying on the tradition of the books, Agent Carter isn't going to shy away from this delicate issue.

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