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I am so excited for 2016. Seriously, so much awesome is planned to happen this year. Honestly, I'm a little worried, because with all this awesome stuff, 2017 and all the years following might pale in comparison.

Really, the only thing I'm not excited for is the hits my wallet is going to take. The video games coming this year alone might bankrupt me.

a littleSo has our supreme moderator-erator-ator

There are some games that you play knowing full well that it's entire scope is 'video game'. Games like Infamous, Wolfenstein, and the Super Mario series are all games like this- never once do you really step back to consider whether this game functions as art or something more than interactive diversion.

Firewatch looks like one of those games that deliberately straddles the line, focusing on the dynamics built between the player-character Henry and his relationship with Delilah, the only other person he has any contact with from his watch post.

What I really love about all the things we've seen so far is the beauty of the environments. The color pallet is beautiful and vibrant, and the scale feels appropriate for the natural wilderness of Wyoming (I think, anyway, having never been).

From the canyon-y rock formations complete with little stream...

To the lush green of the wooded areas, the breeze gently swaying the grass...

To the small details, like this little turtle. LOOK AT THIS LITTLE TURTLE. I DON'T KNOW WHY HENRY IS CARRYING HIM BUT I'M JEALOUS.

Seriously. It looks like a lot of love and TLC went into making this game, and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

they both have the same February 9 release date.

I'm sorry, poor wallet.

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