Seo InGuk hasn't seen his father for a year

Seo In Guk revealed how much he misses his father after not being able to see him for a year. On the May 3rd broadcast of MBC‘s ‘I Live Alone‘, Seo In Guk went fishing by himself and recalled his childhood, sharing, “When I was little, I remember going to the seashore with my father and fishing together. My father told me to throw the fishing rod in, and the feeling of throwing it was unforgettable.” The singer also revealed how his father didn’t approve of him becoming a singer. “My father disapproved of me becoming a singer, so my mother and I both lied, telling him that I was attending a health club when I really attended a music academy. I think my father knew, but was just pretending like he didn’t know.” “It’s been a year since I’ve seen my father. Next time, I should bring him here. I should ask him to teach me how to fish again.” Let’s hope Seo In Guk gets some father-son time soon! from allkpop

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