Hopeless Feelings

As time goes by Im falling deeper. Deeper in love with you. Its so beautiful. Its almost too good To be true. Its filled with happiness. But when im away, Im screaming in tears, Drenched in the pain, Trembling to thoughts. Its the greatest thing I have ever came across. Its a miracle. But is it that to you? Or is it just another game? I continue to fall deeper Knowing i may break Cause what if in the end Its you, But its not me? Sometimes i dont care. Shread my heart Because all i care About is you. But i cant stand The thought of Losing you, My greatest miracle, To her, The sick minded individual That willl break your heart, Shatter your soul, And crush who you are, As im sitting here Hopelessly in love with you, Not being able to be with you.

Passionate for horses, reading, writing, music, nature and art.
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