30 day song challenge 8-14

so yeah I lied and said I would spilt this up and do a card a week. We'll y'all can sue me. I decided to do another this week. Please enjoy my eclectic taste.

8. A song I know all the words too - Shakira - Tú

Oh what shall I pick...so many choices. Should I take it old school, to a pop hit, to a latino song, or kpop song, or a funny one...There are so many choices. But I will go with this song because I was so proud I learned all the words in Spanish and literally was so proud I could understand it. Plus I love Shakira.

Song 9- A song you can dance too- Bigbang - Bang Bang Bang

Too many choices but this one I picked because I find it pops into my head at random moments at work and I will dance in the hallway while singing it. yes I get funny looks from my patients but they smile and say it's good to see someone enjoying themselves at work...

Song 10 - A song that makes me fall asleep - Pantera - I'm Broken

I know weirs that I put a heavy metal song up here but when I can't sleep I play my heavy metal station on Pandora and after 3 songs I am out. Has to do with sharing a room with my sister who is a metal head for my entire childhood until age 14 and falling asleep to this playing in the background.

Song 11 - A song from my favorite Band - Maroon 5 -Sunday Morning

So Bigbang and Maroon 5 our now tied as my favorite band. but since I already have a big bang song on here I am going to put my favorite from maroon 5. But my favorite of bigbang is blue and monster.

Song 12 A song from a Band I hate - Motley Crue- Smokin' in the Boys Bathroo.

I don't hate any band but this is a band that I do dislike and I dislike this song...

Song 13 A song that is a guilty pleasure - Robert Pattinson's Bella's Lullaby

Go ahead and judge but this piano playing gives me the feels.

Song 14 A song that no one would expect me to love - Britney Spears - Lucky

Judge away...I do not know why I like this song but I do.

I do not own any of the music or vids...thanks youtube and artists@TessStevens@mchlyang@InPlainSight@AlloBaber@danidee@ButterflyBlu@Bitterlimelight@PassTheSuga@stevieq@SugalessJams@SugaOnTop@MadAndrea@MichelleIbarra@amobigbang@KwonOfAKind@KellyOConnor@kpopandkimchi@kpopgaby@lovetopia@ladygdragon@Jiyongixoxo@lilbr0wneyes@Helixx@lori3cub3s@ilikehisface@luna1171

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