Mysterious birthday boy

Hey so this is my first writing and all so I hope u enjoy! So the point is ur suppose to guess who the guy is in this story and comment it down on the comments also others like this will come out soon so yeah enjoy the story It was the day of my boyfriend's birthday. I didn't buy him a present yet because I didn't know what to buy him because his fan bought tons of presents for him. So on his birthday I went to go last minute birthday shopping for him but didn't end up buying anything so I left and went home. As I got home I took a quick shower and blow dried my hair and got ready I put on light makeup and curled my hair. Then I got my purse and left to the party. As I got to the party I saw a mirror and checked if everything was still good. As I walked into the ball room I found my handsome boyfriend with his members. A waiter came to me and asked " A drink ma'am? " I took a ocean blue drink that had an orange umbrella leaning on the right.

There were a lot of people that I didn't know so I mostly stuck by the corner. When they were going to sing happy birthday to him I stepped a little closer and saw him smiling so widely looking at his Mario cake. After he blew out the candles the employees took the cake to the side to cut it up. I was staring at how handsome he was in his pink and white suit. I kept staring at him until I found him in the corner touching his phone then my phone beeped " where are you honey. " Before I texted him back I went to go stand some place where he couldn't find me. Then I texted him. " hiding. " " why? It's my birthday? You wouldn't want the birthday boy to be sad on his 24 birthday right? ( pouts) " I just nodded and and chuckled. " Of course not but, if you find me before the party ends then maybe I might give you something special tonight." After sending that text you just smiled devilishly to yourself.

Later on I just kept on walking further away from him whenever he came closer to me. One thing that was good was that he didn't know what I was wearing. He just kept on looking around for me. Then he put a smirk on his face, which made me curious because he wasn't even looking my way and he was looking at his members. Then he took out his phone and texted me " If I can't find you then we will find you." Which made me a little confused but he started to walk to his members and I understood what he meant. " hey guys I need you to find y/n." " why just do it yourself she's ur girlfriend for a reason." " yeah she's your girl friend" " please it's my birthday" ( all members) " FINE" " thank you Your POV I was walking around the room running away from him and his members. Later on I got scared and ran out to the ladies restroom and waited for a bit so that they would kind of stop searching. Then I came out and went back into the ball room and saw him on stage with his members beside him. He looked so handsome in his pink and white suit. " hello I'm the handsome birthday boy! For the first dance on the dance floor I would love for my girlfriend to come and dance with me." I got shocked after hearing that and I knew I was going to get busted if I did go and dance with him until I saw a woman that could help me. She was wearing a mask so I thought why not let her. It's just one dance. So I went up to her to asks her to help me. " hi ma'am would u mind to help me with something?" "Yeah?" " I need you to go dance with my boyfriend because he's not suppose to see me." " you want me... To go d-dance with your b-boyfriend?" " yes!" " okay!" "Thank you"

As I watch them dance I felt a little jealous but it was just dance so I didn't really care much. As the song ended u started to walk fur thing away from them until I bumped into one of his members. He had his orange hair split in half. He was wearing a pink and black suit like all of them. Actually the were all forced to wear it by my boyfriend. ( haha that's how evil my boyfriend is lol jk ) " oh I'm sorry. I'm sorry. " As I said that and bowed to him he gave me a confused face even after I left. I began running to the exit and entrance and texted him " if u can find me u get a present!!" " I'll come find you but it's hard can you give me a clue of where you are and what your wearing." " no, because that's cheating, but it's ur birthday so just one clue." " what is it?" " I'm a pretty girl!" " that's not fair give me another clue!" " no I already said to much!" After I sent him that text I saw one of his members walking my way so I started walking a different direction so he couldn't see me. I walked back into the ball room and stayed quite back from my boyfriend and his members. As the party slowly ended I text my boyfriend " give up yet?" " yes, where are you I just want to see you and hold you tightly." After I saw that text I went to go find him. As I walked closer to him I saw him eating lots of food and he looked so sad and depressed with a frown. As I walked closer to him his frown stared to disappear and turn into a smile. When I was a few inches from him I jumped and hugged him and he hugged me back tightly. As everyone left we left as well. When we got home we both went to take s shower ( separately ). As he got out of the shower I was waiting for him to come to bed. After he came in we both just snuggled. " wait where is my present?" " this is your present and the hide n seek was also your present." " oh." " you don't like your present?" " no, I love it! Thanks for the amazing present! " " happy birthday baby"

I hope you enjoyed that and comment down to see who is this mysterious birthday boy. I will see you in my next fanfic bye !!!!!

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