Find a Fangirl!

It's late for me on this day, but I was curious to know if anyone participated and if you found fellow fangirls.

I found 1! granted it was my little sister....but hey work was actually slow and I didn't get the opportunity to see many people like I'd hoped to. @ZoeMarieRitter

tagging some people: @kpopandkimchi@thePinkPrincess@ARMYStarlight@MadAndrea@SugaOnTop@Emealia@KellyOConnor@XionHeart@DesireeChucklez@Kyokeo@xojuliettexox@amobigbang

BTS ARMY ♡ Jungkook is life :) Yoongi is inspiration, NamJoon is life goals, Hobi is my hope :), Tae is my baby, Jin is my chef, and Jimin....well Jimin just wrecks my entire bias list on a constant daily basis...... :) ooh well yes 'Girl Meets...' equals shots fired at Big Hit I see you there
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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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