Lessons Every Adult In Their 20's Should Know Before 30

Your 20's are the golden years of your life.

The decade where you are still in the process of living and learning. You have the opportunity to mess up during these years and erase your tracks if need be. You have the opportunity to find what you like and what you don't like. During your 20's you may fall in love and you may also fall out of love. You may find your dream job and later realize that you heart is truly somewhere else -- but at the end of the day, you're doing something that so many people wish they could still do minus the consequences and that is live and learn. We all make mistakes, but it seems like when you make mistakes in your 20's you still have years ahead to make those mistakes disappear.

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Unfortunately, money does not grow on trees.

"Read a few books on personal finance, and quit pissing your money away."

A healthy life starts with you.

"Exercise! Start now. It takes literally an hour a day. Look at it as hygiene like taking a shower or brushing your teeth."

You're the boss. You call all the shots.

"You're not stuck unless you let yourself be stuck...not with that person, or that job, or that life. You can change it if you have the guts, and it's better to do it when you know it is intolerable than to try to 'stick it out' hoping things will get better. They only get better if you make them better."

Well, that basically sums everything up.

"You don't know nearly as much as you think you do... oh, and girls aren't just going to come and talk to you... ask out a bunch of girls you think are out of your league... also, settle the fuck down spaz. Talk a lot less and listen more. Stand up straight, nobody thinks you're dark and mysterious. You're not pulling that off at all. also, stop being so damn negative... oh, don't start smoking cigarettes either. Also, buckle down and finish school properly... it's important. Otherwise, you'll be back there when you're 40."


Education is the key to success.

"Go To Class."

Try new things. Be adventurous and spontaneous.

"Do that exciting thing before you have too many responsibilities to not be able to do the thing," Aka, live a little!

It gets better. Trust me.

"So, 22 year old me, don't sweat the small stuff. Whatever it is, you'll be OK. Hell, you'll be better than OK. You'll turn out to be more than you thought possible, and despite what all 37 year old you has accomplished, you're just scratching the surface. Enjoy the journey, don't take yourself too seriously, and know that worry is optional. You'll be OK."

Family is everything. Don't lose touch.

"Be there for your sister. She will need you. Of all the regrets in my life, her death was by far the most painful. Do not take those in your life for granted. They are what truly matter above all else."


If I could tell myself something now, I would simply say 'relax and love yourself'.


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