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Hyun-Ae and I have been living in the United States for the past four months already. We left a week after we got the ok from her doctor that she would be able to fly. All of her records have been transfered over to the doctor our previous doctor recommended. We left quietly not letting anyone know our plans. The only person who knows is my boss but I begged her not to tell Mark, since they know each other, if he ever asks. She completely understood our situation and allowed me to keep my job as a writer for her magazine; my co-worker just emails me the interviews and photos or footage that he is able to get and I write the aritcle and send it to my boss for it to get published.

We moved into a small apartment in Chicago, it's the city where our new doctor is located. Hyun-Ae doesn't attend school anymore because she has become weak. She's no longer able to walk on her own, well she can walk but then she gets really bad pains so she uses a walker for support, but if we go out she uses her wheelchair. I try not to push her to do many things since she gets tired out quickly. It's been hard but slowly I'm readjusting to it again.

"Eomma~"Hyun-Ae croaks out.

"Coming." I set my tea down and walk over to her room. "Good mor-"

"I'm sorry. I-I tried to get up." She says in tears. I shake my head and try to make her understand that mistakes happen. I grab her walker from against the wall and place it beside her bed. I grab a clean part of the bed sheet and wipe her chin cleaning off the vomit . I carefully take off the top sheet and take it to the bathroom rinsing it off then hurring back to the room.

"Let's go take a shower, okay?" I give a gentle smile as she nods her head. I help her stand on her feet and guide her to the restroom. "Can you undress yourself?" She says yes then starts to take off her pajamas as I leave the room to take the sheets to the laundry to wash. When I return I turn on the water to a nice warm temperature and help her into the shower.

After her shower I make some breakfast that she's able to eat while Hyun-ae brushes out her hair. "What shall we do today?" I ask her as I hand her the plate. She reaches behind her back and pulls out a dvd set. "Okay, I can go for a drama day." I place the dvd in then head over to sit on the sofa beside my daughter.



"Why are they so mean to that doctor?" We were laying down on the sofa wathing Good Doctor while Hyun-ae was getting her chemotherapy done. We have a nurse come over to do the treatment because Hyun-ae doesn't like the feeling of sitting at the hospitals to have it done.

"Well sometimes those who cause harm to others may be jealous of what the other may have. For example Professor may dislike Doctor Park because his brother had a bit more issues with being alone than Doctor Park. Doctor Park's coworkers don't see things the way he does; they just think that he's stupid all because of the way his brain works." I try to explain to her but I think I failed.

"But Doctor Park is not stupid, right?"

"Exactly, Doctor Park is a genius because he understands children better than the more experienced doctors. Which may be another reason why they dislike him. Doctor Park is smart in what he does that the coworkers can't believe it since he's supposed to be 'dumb'."

"I wish Doctor Park was my doctor."Hyun-ae says before drifting off to sleep.


*Two Days Ago*

"So we're starting in Chicago?" I ask our manager. We were currently discussing the plans for the North America Tour.

"Ne, you'll be in Chicago next month."Manager states. "Reminder that while in the states you're not on vacation so no going out to bars or clubs.

"Ye." We all say.

*Present Day*

"Where are you going?"JB asks while eyeing my suitcase.

"I'm going home for the meantime before we start the tour." JB tilts his head. "I asked Manager if it was okay to go to the states early since we're not doing any promotions for the meantime; plus I miss my family." JB nods his head in understanding.

"Jinjja, you're really going?"BamBam asks and I nod my head.

"Ne~ I'll see everyone in Chicago." I hug each of the members goodbye and leave to the states.


*One Week Later*

"Hyun-ae~ you have to leave the house. You can't stay here forever." I say with my head leaning against the door and my right fist slowly giving up on knocking.

"Ani! I'm not leaving looking like this!" I jump back when something bangs against the bedroom door.

"Hyun-ae this is not healthy." I try again.

"Aniyo, I'm never going to leave the apartment."

"YAH! Are you crazy?!" By the sound of the bang, she most likely threw a larger object this time.

"Yes! The cancer is in my brain already!"

"Hyun-ae! Stop this right now!" She has crossed the line this time. "Open the damn door!"

"Aniyo..."She says quietly this time.

The door bell rings pulling my attention away from the situation. "Aish, this child." The door bell rings again over and over again. "I'M COMING!" I just paid the rent why are they bothering me now? "May I help-" What the heck is going on here? This doesn't make any sense. How? When? Why?!

"Can I come in?" Mark asks with a smile.

"Oh...yeah, come in." I say in a hushed tone. What the hell is Mark doing here? I haven't spoken to anyone from the group since we left. Which now that I think about it was not a good way to say bye.


"Hyun-ae are you all packed up already?" I ask while wiping down the counter.

"Yes!"She shouts from upstairs.

I throw away the napkin and take a look at the home I lived in for six years. I feel happy but sad to leave. Happy because Hyun-ae and I get to start over but sad because there's so many memories here. In 8 hours we'll be in the air on our way to the States.


"What Hyun-ae?"

"Can you help me put my hair up?" She says while skipping down the steps. She jumps to a stop in front of me handing me the brush with a smile plastered on her face. "Please~"

"On our way to the airport I have to make a quick stop somewhere, okay?" I begin brushing her hair from the front and sides back.

"Okay do I have to get down as well?"

"You wont' even want to get down because I need to go see your 'oppas'." I brush the bottom hair upwards gathering it up at the center.

"Oh." She quietly says.

"Are you sure you don't want to see them? It's going to be a long time until you see them again if you don't want to see them while you're sick." I tie her hair then finish it with a ribbon. She heads back upstairs without a word.


"Make sure she doesn't leave your side." I tell the front desk lady, the one befriended. I leave Hyun-ae at the front desk of the JYP building and head down the hall to the elevators.

My heart is beating out of my chest right now. I place my hand over to calm it down but it was just beating faster as we ascend. Maybe I should just text him. No, I can't do that . Just close your eyes and take a deep bre-


My eyes open immediately when the elevator stops. I take one uneasy step out of the lift and my heart is beating at light speed. The anticipation is worse than the actual problem.

"*Sigh* Now or never."I whisper to myself. I begin to walk down the hall confidetly but~ turn on my heels when I see Jackson exit the practice room. 'He saw me! RUN! Why aren't you running?!' I look down at my legs who are casually walking. 'Maybe he didn't see me.'

"Hey, (Y/N)!" He cheerfully calls out. 'SHIT! He saw me!!!!'

I keep walking pretending that I didn't hear him. Then I stop in my tracks mentally arguing with myself. 'You have to tell him.' 'No, I can't Even if he's told me before I can't hurt him.' 'Then just walk away.' 'But I can't have him think that about us.' 'UGH, self, just make up your mind.'

"(Y/N)?" I feel him place his hand on my left shoulder. "Hey, are you okay?" I turn towards him with my head down and eyes shut. "What's wrong?" He places his hand under my chin and he lifts my head. I open my eyes and look into his beautiful brown ones. "Why are you crying?" He asks while wiping under my eyes. Why does he have to so caring? He looks so worried!

He pulls me into his arms and I just let it go. Why is it so hard?! I hold on to him tightly not wanting him to let go. Why? How? We're supposed to be forever. I feel Jackson's chest shutter and his heart beat quicken. I try to look up but he tights his grip.

"I know why you're here." He's crying...his voice is deeper than usual. My heart begins to ache as it pounds through my chest. "I know what you're going to say." I feel his body slump as he lets his head fall upon my shoulder. "Just...just tell me why is it him." Then my heart breaks. He knows.

"I'm so sorry." I cry out as I hold onto him.

After a while of holding each other and crying I decide it's best if I leave. "I have to go." I let go of him and slip out of his embrace. I turn away from him and walk away to the elevators. I enter the elevator and press the first floor button. The elevator dings and the doors begin to close. "Goodbye." I whisper as I see Jackson turn away with tears in his eyes and slump shoulders.

The elevator doors close and we descend. "You'll always be my first love."

Song #1

What Jackson listens to while remembering the moments he had with you, (y/n), while sitting on the rooftop skipping practice.


What you listen to while remembering the times you had with Jackson while you cry silently in the airplane.

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I'm sorry if it's not long but at you can see from the title its part 1 of chapter 11 so a part 2 is coming. Also sorry for not posting last weekend the internet ended up going down at my house then I got busy with work. I'm writing the second part right now...well not right now, right now but it's being written.

OH also the story is being published on WATTPAD. I know it's not officially published but at least it'll be protected. It's called We Can't Run From Life. I know pretty lame but I like it lol. Or you can just look up my account its also XsandOs17


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