True Love, As Defined By The Internet

Oh, the Internet. Teaching us what true love REALLY is since... well, since Al Gore invented it.

True love is when Jack popped back up thanks to global warming. Frozen to death? Nah. Try cryogenically preserved.

This one's actually kind of true, though. True love is being adored for your body, whether you're fit or fluffy!

Let's be real, guys. This is the kind of love we're all searching for.

Proof that carbs ARE actually better than a boyfriend.

Yeah. I know I'm a sexy naked mole rat.

@PokemonMasta's version of true love! :D All I have to say to this one is... ditto.

Is it a problem that I genuinely identify with this? Kthnxbye.

You know, back when dates involved slaughtering a magical monster in matching man-bikinis.

That thing of when... your true love doesn't actually exist on the same plane as you. *sobs*

Think positive, love food, be happy :)
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