Captain Criminal Minds Chapter 21/?

Hello all and welcome to the next installment of@shannonI5 and I's fanfiction! Its getting close to the end of this part of Krystal, Bucky and Steve's story, but rest assured everyone, there are more in the works! Thank you all so much for loving this as much as I do! Now, without further ado, on to the story!

Krystal smiled as she opened the door for Steve. "Hey sweetie. Bucky's finally meeting JJ. Ready for an amazing night?" she asked, tone jovial as she spoke, but the twinkle in her eyes and the fact that she wore his favorite dress from the 40's showed she had something amazing planned. Steve blushed as he watched her, leaning down to kiss her hand. "Lead the way ma'am" was all he said as he followed her into the elevator and down to his car.

Krystal let out a chuckle. "As much as I love your little red car, I have a present for you." she explained, smirking as her butler drove out an authentic 1941 packard. It was just like the one he had always wanted before becoming the Captain. Granted, she had souped it up a little in case he needed to drive it as the captain, but it was still as timeless as him. Krystal stood on her tip toes as she gave his cheek a quick kiss, handing him the keys. "Do you like it?" Steve stood there in shock for a moment, just taking in what he saw in front of him. "I love it. Its just what I'd always wanted." He let out a breath as he spoke, walking over to the shiny candy apple red packard, running his fingers over it. "Its perfect, Krys." He almost didn't know what he did to deserve a woman like this loving him, and every time he looked at her beaming back at him, he fell more in love. Krystal grinned, opening the door for him. "Shall we go then? I'll lead the way." She promised, sliding into the passenger's seat.

It wasn't long until they were at their destination, Krystal having directed him well to a mansion on the outskirts of the city. It was the mansion she had been building when Bucky and he went to war. Steve stood in disbelief again. "The last time I saw this place, I was a 90lb weakling." He was impressed with how much thought she'd put into just one date. Maybe she really did love them both as she claimed. Krystal had prepared Steve's favorite meal in advance, and it was waiting for them in the dining room next to the ballroom where she would finally teach him to dance. She had had this planned for months on the off chance he finslly decided to ask her out. "Now my dear Stevie, if you'll follow me inside, we'll have dinner."

Steve followed her curiously, wondering what she might have planned. He never truly knew what to expect with Krystal, but he was enjoying the sweetness and amazing effort she had put into this. "The dining room is just in here, Stevie." she said with a small smile, taking his hand as she walked towards their destination. Steve almost had to rub his eyes as he looked around the romanticly decorated setting. It was almost like valentines day. He'd have to think real hard to top this first date, and they were just getting started! At the snap of Krystal's fingers, butlers came in with their food. She gave him a smile as she pulled his chair out for him. "Sit and eat, Stevie." she told him softly, sitting in her own chair across from him.

After dinner, Krystal blindfolded Steve, leading him to the large ballroom. He could see nothing, but he trusted her enough to know she wouldn't steer him wrong. She never had before. Jazz from the years they were friends before the war was being played by a band in the corner of the ballroom, and Krystal took off Steve's blindfold, reavealing the room to him. "Now, are you finally ready to learn how to dance?"

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