bangtan screenshot game ^-^

so@thepinkprincess did the screenshot game so here we go. also sorry if im late I have finals this week so I got busy & I was over at my grandma house so yeah. anyhoo off of that legoooo!! (p.s yes I know it a Christmas picture but I couldn't help it)

JONGKOOK!!! this makes sense

suga's house me liky hehe

oh srue the one who vited me end up flirting with me. jk im so fine with this

hopie!! oh I see where this is going but I wonder why though

no wonder he wanted to play turth or dare.

Mmm....I have no words. chesss seokjin

my goodness kookie you just like me that much. jimin is probably jealous right now

well I wonder what happened last night. Jimin probably took kookie hehehe & then suga took me :D well Im glad I got to do this so yeah I had fun doing this screenshot game.

All I do is Eat, Sleep & fangirl. also the haters gonna hate so don't worry about them just have fun in the kpop world where you will NEVER leave muhahaha enjoy~
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