Top 5 Main Characters!

Starting at #5. I chose Hei, also known as The Black Reaper or BK-201. I was instantly drawn to this character right when I start the show. He is probably the single most deadly contractor in the anime. He is also the only contractor to think of another's well being over his own. He's pretty simple but I like simple!

#4 Is Saitama from One Punch Man. He showed up like a typhoon, destroying everything in his way and making his way into our hearts with his care free attitude and immeasurable power! He has a sense of humor and seems like a chill down to earth dude.

#3 is Kagami Junichirou from Denpa Kyoushi. This is one teacher I would love to have! When I watch this show I see alot of myself when I see Kagami. He has some aspiring quotes, as seen above, and is extremely funny! Y.D. for life!

#2 The Huminod Typhoon, Vash the Stamped! You've probably seen me post alot on this man, that's just because he is one of my all time favorites! He's the perfect combination of determination, strength, ability, kindness, humor, and intelligence (even though he may not seem like it.)

#1 The 3rd ranked level 5 esper in all of Academy City, "Railgun" Misaka Mikoto from A Certain Scientific Railgun! If you seen my Waifu Wednesday then this should come as no suprise. She will be mu #1 forever and always!!!!!

Thanks for checking this out! I'm glad@devinrohers put this out there for all of us to do! Hope you enjoyed! Jā matane!

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