2 Songs That Will Make You Fall in Love with Kpop All Over Again

I just heard about Lee Hi's upcoming comeback and I couldn't be more excited.



Please read some of the lyrics below and have your faith in Kpop restored.

shallow pop music


I like you and it’s been a while

All day, I think of you

While I’m walking down the street, while I'm listening to music

You suddenly show up before my eyes

The movie that my heart is making

Is a special project that only stars you

The title is “My Crush”

And I’m the only audience

Everyone comforts me, tells me to cheer up

But I’m sick of hearing that – I’m not sad

Even if he forever…

Doesn’t know my heart, it’s okay

I just need him to be where I can see him

Just as always, with those charming eyes, gestures, words

He just needs to exist, that’s all I need

Am I Strange?

Ten fingers, ten toes

Two arms, two legs, blood is flowing

Two eyes blinking, two ears listening

I am open

One head and one heart

I think and I drink in air

Just like you

Am I strange? Where? How?

Am I strange? Why are you looking at me like that?

Your stares make me feel like I’m covered in wounds

I laugh when I’m happy, cry when I’m sad

It hurts when I’m poked, I get angry when it continues

I despair and I hope

Just like you

But there are a few things that I only have

A few things that are different from you

Several things that make me who I am


Anyone else love when Kpop actually uses amazing lyrics?

Where my Lee Hi fans at?!

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