Playlist Challenge: Romance Edition (aka Nookie Time)

Infinite H feat. Zion.T- Without You This song just song just sounds like seduction. Hoya and Dongwoo are seduction...

2pm- A.D.T.O.Y Yeah you see where this list is going, right?

GD TOP- Baby Goodnight Lots of subtle erotic imagery in this video.

EXO- Play Boy Ehem... One of my newest additions to the list. What is Love comes closely second though.

BTS- Let Me Know It was hard to pick between this one, Hold Me Tight, and Autumn Leaves but then I remembered V's deep, soul moving voice, suga's raspy rap, and then Jimin's heart stopping high note.

Bonus: Davichi- Turtle This was in my Love Sick playlist and it's great for when you're missing someone.

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