Sleep over with BTS

OH!! really?! I would quickly say YES, cuz u are my bais ^^

Make sure Jhope won get angry... I dont think u can cause u love Kookie damn much!!

Your place???! Are you sure?? I think make I would go there without any regrets.....

what???! It's Tae again sth went wrong today... the most scary game ever!!! I hate playing this game damn bad, but V suggested___ oKay then

U suggested and then u dared to kiss me cant regret it

kookie ahh... if u want it, i am okay. Yet make sure u protect me later on cuz I am afraid of jimin anger as he lost his jam and lost u either, so he must....

it's confused me!! Kookie wanted to sleep with me and then Chim Chim slept with me... maybe I am sleep walking or both of u sleep walking??? mysterious???

Thank you god for giving Tae for cuddling me tight(I guess) when I woke up in the morning... Oh! I must be happy morning...

Later, I think Jin would be making delicious breakfast, playful with all the boys (BTS) I Heart them all, not hate none of them... ^^

Thank you^^ This is my first Card ^^ I hope all readers will enjoy it ^^

always smile
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