Bioshock Cosplay! (Rabbit Splicer)

Welcome to my first cosplay eva!! x3 I fell in love with the rabbit mask a splicer was wearing in a game called 'Bioshock' so I decided to make it :D

I actually followed the instructions in this vid made by a youtuber named ohaple so check it out if you wanna make it too! :)

It took about 2 days to complete it x)

I went to the kitchen with the mask on and started to eat lettuce and my mom was like wtf xD So I had to tell her that rabbits eat lettuce lol

Here're some more pics I took! Realized it looks really creepy in dark xD So I'm planning to wear it on halloween this year :D So, that's the end of my cosplay! What do you guys think about it? :) Thank you for reading my card btw ^^

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