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It was 4AM when Jimin woke up from a nightmare, panting. He looked around the room trying to find something- anything as to describe why he's suddenly in his room when his dream felt so… surreal. He dreamt that he was holding a gun to Hoseoks head.. he looked to his side and saw Hoseok sleeping soundly. Would he ever do that? No, he loved him too much to even think of something like that- but why did it feel so truthful? Jimin rubbed his eyes and once more looked at sleeping Hobi. His mouth was slightly opened and his soft snores could be heard. His shirt was lifted a little bit and you could see the faint outline of his tummy. Jimin got off the bed and walked into the restroom outside of the room. In the restroom, he looked at himself, his eyes had bags under them and he looked like he had lost weight. This wasn't the first time he had this dream. It terrified him to the point where he couldn't even sleep or eat as much. Every time he looks at Hoseok thoughts go through his mind. Would he actually be able to point a gun at Hoseok? No, he couldn't. He wouldn't. Then why does this dream keep coming? Why is it that in his dream, he's calm but his legs are shaking? Does he ever shoot him? No, there's a bang but it's never him the one that pulls the trigger. Who is the one that shoots, and who are they shooting? Could it be Hoseok…? No, he's on the floor, on his knees not saying anything.. or is he? Jimin shook his head, he won't think it's Hoseok.. he wouldn't do such a thing… he won't. “Jimin?” he heard. Jimin turned around and saw Jungkook standing there, trying to keep his eyes open. The boy rubbed his eyes and looked at the elder and he saw tears in his eyes. Jungkook not knowing what to do, he immediately went with his gut and walked closer towards the boy and wrapped his arms around his figure as he pulled Jimin closer to his body. Jungkook rubbed circles in Jimins back as Jimin sobbed more and more. After Jimin pulled away, Jungkook spoke, “Hyung, what happened? Are you alright?” Jimin, not being able to say anything, just nodded. Jungkook understood the silence coming from Jimin and grabbed Jimins’ arm. “Hyung, you can sleep with me if you want.” Jungkook said. Jimin nodded as he thought that maybe he'll be able to sleep soundly. They both walked into Jungkooks’ room and Jungkook was the first to lay down. Jimin followed but he couldn't shake the feeling that this was wrong. They weren't doing anything wrong… He countered to himself. He sighed once more and took the empty space next to Jungkook. Jungkook brought the boy's body closer to him. After some moments in just listening to each other's breathing, they fell asleep. ~ Hoseok awoke abruptly to an empty space on his bed. He quickly sat up and looked around for Jimin, hoping that he was up already. When he found no one, he got up slowly from the bed and walked towards the door. He paused for a moment and placed his ear on the door. When he didn't hear anyone, he opened the door. Everyone was still asleep, but where was Jimin? He walked out into the hallway and looked around for Jimin. He stopped in front of the restroom, the light was on and the door was slightly opened. He knocked on the door, but got no response. He opened the door a bit more and looked inside. He opened the door more when he found no one. He walked out, but not before he turned off the light and closed the door. Once more, where could Jimin be? He was walking back towards his room when he found Jungkooks door slightly opened. He thought about closing it since his snores could be heard. He smiled slightly and peeked into the room. His smile instantly dropped when he saw Jimin- wrapped up in Jungkooks’ arms.

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