Dedicated Players Recreate GTA V in Minecraft


Only because I don't really have any skills. I don't know what it's like to be talented and recreate a video game in a totally different video game. I'm pretty okay at playing video games but making a video game in another video game?? No way dude.

Check out the video above. Look at that detail. Look at how pixel-y and beautiful Los Santos looks in Minecraft. I've played a lot of GTA V back when it first came out, so it felt weird recognizing places in the game while I watched this video. And then it made me realize something about N11ck and his building buddies.


And this made me ask myself, "why can't you be good at anything, Paul? Why is it that you give up on everything you start? Why couldn't you just stick it out with Jamie after she went back to DC? Why are you so afraid of commitment? And not just in the relationship-sense, either. You haven't committed to anything fully in your whole life. The only thing you have dedicated your life to is self-destruction. Don't you think you should make a change? Quit complaining and grow? Don't you think it's time you grow up?"

i did all that i could.
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