Freestyle Friday Playlist: Intro to Bii (畢書盡)

Here's a little about Freestyle Friday Playlist.

Intro to Bii (畢書盡)


His stage name Bii means (Be I) and it was inspired by his difficulty of identifying as a Korean/Taiwanese.

Singing Style:

(Bii) 畢書盡 - Come back to me

There's also a Korean version of this song (swipe to the right to listen to it) ! By the way, this is also the ending theme for Taiwanese drama, Love Around (真愛黑白配). Check it out if you need a new drama to watch.

Bii (畢書盡) - Love More

Here's another typical Bii style song. The vibe here is really upbeat and the music video is the cutest thing you'll ever see. He really looks like Luhan with this hairstyle and fashion.

Bii (畢書盡) - The Love You Gave Me (你給我的愛)

This is one of his very first recordings and I really like the lyrics of this song. If you need translation. Feel free to ask! I'll try my best to translate!

(Bii) 畢書盡 - Find The Way

When you need a song to motivate you in life...this is the one!

Bii (畢書盡) - Flying Meteor (流星飛過)

Anyone into soft rock or alternative? You'll love his soft vocals and how he transition to higher notes in the chorus part! I recommend listening to this song with headphones!

Bii (畢書盡) - After Turning Around (轉身之後) Korean Version

This is another popular song by Bii but I wanted to share the Korean version but I like the aura in this one more.

Bii (畢書盡) - Back In Time (逆時光的浪)

This is the last one I'll be sharing! It's from his recent drama "Bromance." Enjoy!

Thanks for sticking around! I know it's a lengthy card for a playlist. However, I hope you guys like this introduction.

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