Receive Rest

Even the best men may sometimes doubt. John the Baptist, in his dungeon, began to wonder whether after all Jesus was The Messiah. The right thing to do with our doubts is to take them to Christ. That is what John did. Christ is very patient with our weakness, and makes plain to us the things that perplex us. The best evidences of Christ’s divinity and Messiahship are the things that Christianity does in the world. Christ proved to John that He was the Messiah by doing works of kindness to the poor and the troubled. The fruits of Christianity are the wonderful works Christianity has done in the world – the saving of souls and the blessings that it leaves everywhere. It is a serious responsibility to have the gospel of Christ preached to us. If we accept the message, it brings great good to us. But if we reject it, it would have been better if we had never heard it at all. Christ invites all weary and overburdened ones to come to Him, and promises to give them rest.

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