Soldiers Still Stand Guard At Tomb Of The Unknown Solider, Blizzard Be Damned.

Tomb of the Unknown Solider

WWI, WWII, and the Korean Warwho has died unidentified or MIA presumed dead.

Right now, in NYC at least, we are not allowed to drive our cars until tomorrow morning without fear of arrest. People have panicked (as usual), and brought up about 3 weeks worth of bottle water, bread, and milk (I never understood the milk thing). And while we are staying inside and hibernating, the soldiers are still standing guard, OUTSIDE, in the elements.

honoring all of the nameless men who have lost their lives for a country who doesn't even know who they are.

They wont leave their men behind. And that is one of the most beautiful, and honorable things that happens EVERY DAY in this country.

If you have the chance, go visit that monument and stay to watch the changing of the guards

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