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Until Dawn!

Last years suspense horror hit, Until Dawn, not only had great story telling and a suspenseful atmosphere; it also had a great score. The game hits you hard with its haunting rock ballad, O Death by Amy Van Roekel. A song that really sets the mood for this game with its hard bass and chilling lyrics. O Death is a perfect way to start this game in a not so subtle way. The rest of the soundtrack fits the game with perfect atmosphere. Composed by Jason Graves and Jeff Grace, the score for Until Dawn matches beautifully really heightening the suspense and make the chase scenes feel like an adrenaline rush.

Alan Wake!

What I consider to be the dark horse in gaming soundtracks, Alan Wake brings hard rock and heavy metal to the survival horror genre. Similar to Until Dawn, Alan Wake gives a suspenseful and sometimes calming score. With music written by Petri Alanko, Alan Wake delivers great music that really puts gamers in the mood to find the secret behind Bright Falls. For those moments of action, Alan Wake brings you the hard rock style of Poets of the Fall as well as the fake Viking Metal band, The Old Gods of Asgard (also Poets of the Fall). With intense songs such as "Children of the Elder God" for those high action battles and calming songs such as "The Poet and the Muse" for those settling down moments; Alan Wake never fails to set the right kind of mood.

The Legend of Zelda!

Going far away from the horror genre, the Legend of Zelda sure is a Legend of the music department. No matter what game it is Zelda never disappoints with music. Every tune is like a new adventure in and of itself. From beautiful melodies to intense battle music Zelda will always have you wanting for more. The classic Zelda theme really takes charge as it makes you want to go on an adventure. Composed by the legendary Koji Kondo, The Zelda theme grabs a hold of you and gets you pumped up for tale ahead. There's no doubt that the music from The Legend of Zelda is one to behold and should be listen to not just by gamers but by all people.

Do you like this list? What's your favorite video game soundtrack?

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