Should The NL Add A DH Position In The Batting Lineup?


One major thing that separates the NL from the AL, is that the NL makes their pitchers hit, while the AL uses a Designated hitter.

While some people like to see the pitchers hack away, many fans would rather see a more defined hitter up at the plate.

It seems as some owners and players have grown tired of the tradition as well, and are ready to add a DH in the National League.

A decline in offense and injuries to pitchers while hitting have stirred speculation the NL might be ready to embrace the designated hitter, which has been used in the American League since 1973.

Early last season, Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright tore his Achilles while batting, which prompted Nationals right-hander Max Scherzer to call for the NL to adopt the DH.

But among National League owners, there's still resistance.

"We would like to remain real baseball,"


Should The NL Add A DH Position In The Batting Lineup?

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