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Welcome to the 74th annual Bias Games.

May the feels be ever in your favor.

Recap (Y/N) your name (Y/MN) your man (R/C) risky choice (Y/P) YOUR P.O.V (YM/P) YOUR MAN UP.O.V (O/P).other p.o.v .....caps man..... okay children let's play.....that seems creepy *shivers* sorry lol

(Y/P) Welcome to the 74th annual Bias Games. we all heard in our district I look around to see the fears of others coming towards as they hug each of there group members. "Come on now don't be shy" she called all of us to the yard I make my way to the trainee section of the yard while the already form groups make there way to theirs. I look around at the groups hoping to see my friend and see where she is and if I can find her she always had a crush on one of the guy groups called vixx but she was no where to be found we always talked about when she and I would stay together for the "choosing round" never leaving each other but I guess she got sick or something or maybe she's not here yet I thought. "ahem" she mumbles in the mic causing it to screech we all covers our ears as the sound was unbearable. "oh! excuse me *laughs* it's been awhile since I've been here" she said "well welcome to the 74th annul Bias Games" she said again and started to clap but no response " ahem....well....I am your host Dara and it's very nice to see you again" she mentioned to us... (yeah we know your face you never age woman how can we forget) I thought "we are here again back to choose our trainees and groups for a annual battle ...but first our annual speech as we do every year " she said as she pointed to the screen as it starts.

"the 74 the annual bias games" "the long wonderful games that our past groups and ancestors have gave us" (Q) what do you think of the games "I think the games is a nice way for us trainees to prove how strong we are in the world" a guy name GD said "the games... the games..... the a war a war that's beautiful" a girl name CL said "I care to think Im the most good looking here so I cant get killed *scoffs* don't you think" Daesung said "the games is a sick and wron- ..the games is stupid... it just a way to murder peo-. the find ....not import-" the video cut off before I can see the name but he had white beautiful hair I wonder what happen to him "well that's just .....nonsense as the games is a beautiful test for all of us..excuse me" she said walking tworads the bowl "now let's see about are contestants " the woman aounnced and said as she reaches her hand in the bowl and pulls out the first name we all gather around d holding out members hoping no one we love gets picked.

"the male group to help the trainee in the games is.....Vixx" she said and started claping we all looked as we see the group called vixx go up and do there introduction " 안녕하세요 vixx imnida" the shouted the woman kept clapping "ah yes wonderful wonderful and very God look I may say" she trailed off "now for the trainee" she reached her hand in the bowl and called " Anna lee" she announced

my eyes widened as I see my friend go up on stage I start yelling "Anna ....ANNA!! ANNA!!!..." I started running towards her " (Y/N) ....(Y/N )" she yelled at me " awe don't be over dramatic come on Come" dara said

(heelo people yes I know that was bad I'm sorry I'll get better in time and it's showing here on NYC so I'm more lazy then before................. so let's move on its time to choose ) (what choose you say well unlike the hunger games my games are different there more how should I say random and makes no sense but does make sense......... okay I'm well it's time to choose this is not a risky chance.... or Is it? .....ha....ha...haaaaa....ㅋㅋㅋㅋ but annywhooo it's time to choose do you want to save your friend or leave her) (why you asked hey I said choose and keep game you get two choices so choose wisely )


say it yes or no (bae zico)

I shall save her.

Let her die in hell....

tagging the trainees

want to be tag let me know the story will get better the results are on my page @SuperJuniorelf@Miss148@EliseB@SarahVanDorn@CheyenneJessee@heidichiesa@Tigerlily84@Starbell808@ARMYStarlight@ilennrocks@nightshade18@TesneemElAlami@swarrier16@SerenityPierce@VKookie47@Maxxie12@KeziahWright@VeronicaOrtiz@GossamoKewen95@amandamuska@EmilyPeacock@KeziahWright@kissofdeath316@Ercurrent@Katherina2078@DianaBell@KeziahWright@Katherina2078@terenailyn@VixenViVi@AnnieGoodman@Miss148@kissofdeath316@kissofdeath316@nightshade18@SerenityThao@Ercurrent@Emorysix@Jiyongixoxo@JiyongLeo@MelissaGarza@KeziahWright@sarahdarwish@Marblue143@SarangRavi@kpopdeluxegirl@catchyacrayon@MaeLyn@Katherina2078@ChaErica @AudreyJelly@Mikim000@luna171@VeronicaArtino@Helixx@AudreyJelly@amobigbang@mandynoona@MadAndrea@nenegrint14@ChelseaGarcia@destiny1419@baileykayleen@MorganElisabeth @ladygdragon@sugafree@Kpopandkimchi@jojojordy2324@byeolbit@JinsPrincess86@parktaemi@celeste2655@Atamshair@B1A4BTS5ever@Miss148@honey5oo@ponouvang123@AimeeH@StephenyAcevedo@ARMYStarlight@StephanieDuong@ChaErica@KpopGaby@reyestiny93@VixenViVi@NykeaKing@mitchix5@britneyamanda@Katherina2078@DianaBell@MorganElisabeth@solodaywithB1A4@xoxoaudra98@Maxxie12@KaceyDodge@VeronicaArtino@DulceZelaya@saraortiz2002@xxtina@EmilyPeacock@IMNII@Jiyongixoxo@KpopQueenBee@danidee@BriannaN@Marblue143@amandamuska@ashleydj1oo@xsandas17@ChelseaJay@KwonOfAKind@Selfishmachine@thePinkPrincess@Rebecca22@sarahdarwish@MandyNoona@LauraEspinoza@btsgotshinee@amobigbang@PandaSoapy@MadAndrea@VikaAlex@SokharChea@bambamisbae@DinaEXo@tinaechle@ravenator143@MomoChemie@nnatalieg@sunggaray@Bockah1327@Cindystran@KatelynSummerso@hyunsaeng638@nightshade18@herrerawanessa9@KpopJunkiesTV@BluBear07@creames@beckiboop1996@SuperJuniorelf@KdramaKpop1018@JessicaChaney@misssukyi@Rocky1903@ninjamidori@Kpossible4250@anniemimis@AnnaArai@GossamoKewen95@Exoexo@EsmeraldaCayeta@igotswag@SarangRavi@kpoplover1995@DemiseiaGardner@BBxGD@CreeTheOtaku@DawanaMason@FalseLove@catchyacrayon@clandrea170@glo86@parktaemi@tinaechle@JackieG1617@emilyanpham14@LexTay327@MissyKim@Mercedesbenz98@jennymedina@SerenityPierce@aabxo@NancyNongvilay@DasiaB@Sisicup@Ticasensei@KaeliShearer@AnnieGoodman@juunnee@taetaejojo@kieusero@kissofdeath316@KeziahWright@annemimis@Starbell808@MaeLyn@sunglrll99674@KhouYang@PrettieeEmm@Ercurrent @Mercii@staceyholley@ChelseaAustin@SaiT@Emealia@sarahdarwish@herreravanessa9@AlloBaber@LaynicornLay@thePinkPrincess@RihannaTiaMay@KatieRussell@SugalessJams@ILikeHisFace123@heidichiesa@SugaOnTop@katiems@DesireeChucklez@jaebug@moonchild03@terenailyn@xsandos17@SarahVanDorn@11erinmims@kpopandkimchi@glo86@Tigerlily84@PrettieeEmm@byeolbit@ChelseaJay@KellyOConnor@poojas@StephanieDuong@KDramaKPop1015@MadAndrea@VIPforever123@fallchild@solodaywithB1A4@CreeTheOtaku@MorleeCorielus@JaxomB@ARMYStarlight@luna1171@AgentLeo@Roxt1903@amandamuska@GDsGF@sherrysahar@kpopdeluxegirl@CheyenneJesse@KaceyDodge@MyaIsNotSexy@DeniseiaGardner@abiersack666@Taehyungkey@BtsIsLife@Bitterlimelight@KpopQueenaBee@Rhia@Kieuseru@sherrysahar@VIPFreak2NE1@yewookyu@Kyokeo@RainaC3@reyestiny93@terenailyn@LilySilver@KpopGaby@heidichiesa@KeziahWright@Dabaesaplayer@ShimJooKyung@SamanthaRae19@DawanaMason@destiny1419@AlloBaber@JasmineWilliams@VixenViVi@VeronicaArtino@Exoexo@shantalcamara@bangtanella@taetaebaozi@torchix@JohnEvans@DestinaByrd@LenaBlackRose@NalaniCerteza@BlueBear07@CreeTheOtaku@Marilovexoxo@chinabarrier16@MalihaAhmed@B1A4BTS5ever@AmbieB@Rhia@VIPFreak2NE1@PassTheSuga@stevieq@Helixx@JasminMartinez@KwonOfAKind@CarleB@jessicacheung97@shannonl5@LAVONYORK@Kuzuri96@CreeTheOtaku@Ercurrent@PandaSoapy

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