Home or House? We use the noun ‘house’ to talk about a building where people live. ‘That’s my house, on the left.’ ‘My house has a red roof.’ We often talk about the house that someone lives in: ‘I’m going to Oscar’s house after school.’ ‘We are having a party at Kate’s house.’ Sometimes we even leave out the word ‘house’: ‘We are having a party at Kate’s.’ The word ‘home’ is not used to talk about a building. It’s used in a more emotional way, to talk about the place where you live. ‘I can’t wait to get home and relax.’ ‘We will be at home tonight if you want to visit.’ ‘I’m going home.’ It’s important to note that your ‘home’ does not need to be a ‘house’ - it can be an apartment, a room, a tent, even a boat! The important thing is that you live and feel comfortable there. ‘I have moved into a new apartment, but it doesn’t feel like home yet.’ ‘Now that I have unpacked all my books, it really feels like home.’

Why is this world so cruel ?! Or maybe I do not fit here ..
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