Breakfast A BTS sleepover fanfic pt 3


namjoon lead me to the noisy dinning room with his hand grasping mine. as soon as we entered the rowdiness turned to silence as we were greeted by 5 shocked and 1 scowling face. "what's this?" yoongi muttered. namjoon and I looked at each other and smiled. "are you 2 a thing now?" hobie joked "well ...yes" I replied matter of factly, turning the silent room once again into an uproar of "oohs" and "it's about times." The only one to stay silent was yoongi. it made me a bit nervous as I shifted uncomfortably under his glare. namjoon noticed my slight shift closer into his side and stared in the direction I was looking. "it'll be ok" he whispered in my ear as he dropped my hand and wrapped it around my shoulder instead. I still felt uneasy. I didn't like yoongi being mad at me. when it came down to it, out of all if the boys yoongi and I had been best friends. i just didn't understand why he would be mad. It's not like he liked me that way.....right? after all last night was the first time he acted like that. normally he would just tease me. I was snapped out of my thoughts by a forced cough. "huh?" I asked shaking the thoughts from my mind. "how did you guys go from friends to couple in a matter of minutes?" jimin asked repeating his question. "yeah we didn't leave you in there for that long" kookie added eyeing us mischievously. "well" I said blushing as I thought back to last night. "we confessed to each other last night" namjoon said coming to my rescue. "so that was the noise hoseok and i heard from our room last night?" jin asked suspiciously raising an eyebrow at us. "oh no! that was probably the pillow fight!" I blurted out immediately regretting it as the room flooded with bursts of laughter.


the laughter was immediately silenced by a chair screeching across the floor as yoongi stormed off towards his room. it was only a matter of seconds before namjoon followed. I chewed my lip nervously as their conversation could be heard from the dinning room. after all they were shouting. "what's your problem!?" namjoon yelled. "you're my problem!" yoongi yelled back. I looked at jin and he nodded as we both excused ourselves from the group and quickly made our way to yoongi's room. "what? do you like her or something?!" I heard namjoon accuse before getting to the door. jin and I arrived just in time to see a lamp fly across the room and hit the wall by the door shattering into millions of pieces. one said piece ricocheted grazing my arm. I winced as blood started to seep out. immediately yoongi looked regretful. namjoon on the other hand looked furious. before it could escalate any further I asked jin to take namjoon out so that I could talk to yoongi. he refused to go but after assuring him I was ok he let jin lead him out reluctantly. yoongi crumpled to the floor, tears streaming down his face. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry" he repeated rocking back and forth. I couldn't stand to see him hurting like this. I knelt down by his side and held him in my arms. "I know you didn't mean it" I said as I stroked his soft green hair. "please" he sniffed after he had finally calmed down some. "please what?" I asked. "don't be with him! give me a chance! I love you more than he ever can!" he looked into my eyes pleading. it broke my heart to see him like this. I loved namjoon! but here was my closest friend begging me to be with him and it hurt. silence followed as I tried to think of what to say "yoongi....I....." "nevermind" he said looking down. " just promise me 3 things" "of course!" I said immediately. "1. don't forget about me as your best friend." "never!" I said. "I could never forget about you!" yoongi smiled bitterly "2. don't come crying to me when he breaks your heart, because he will. he's the god of destruction" he chuckled to himself on the last part before continuing "I'll just tell you I told you so" yoongi's words stung. namjoon wouldn't hurt me.....right? "what's the last thing" I asked nervously. "This!" he said looking up, his head still craddled in my arms. he hooked an arm around my neck, dragging me down to him. before I could protest his lips were pressed to mine. it was a passionate kiss, but for some reason it tasted bitter. my kiss with namjoon this morning was just as passionate but it had tasted sweet. I pushed him back as he smiled. "don't tell namjoon....that's the 3rd thing" I was shocked. namjoon and I had just begun and he wanted me to keep such a serious secret from be continued?


hope part 3 was as good as you had hoped! tagging a few peeps. let me know if you would like to be added....or if you would like to be removed. @AudreyJelly@Mikim000@luna171@VeronicaArtino@Helixx@amobigbang@mandynoona@MadAndrea@nenegrint14@ChelseaGarcia@destiny1419@baileykayleen@MorganElisabeth@ladygdragon@sugafree @jojojordy2324@byeolbit@JinsPrincess86@parktaemi@celeste2655@Atamshair@B1A4BTS5ever@Miss148@honey5oo@ponouvang123@AimeeH@StephenyAcevedo@ARMYStarlight@StephanieDuong@ChaErica@KpopGaby@reyestiny93@NykeaKing@mitchix5@britneyamanda@Katherina2078@DianaBell @solodaywithB1A4@xoxoaudra98@Maxxie12@KaceyDodge@DulceZelaya@saraortiz2002@xxtina@EmilyPeacock@IMNII@Jiyongixoxo@KpopQueenBee@danidee@BriannaN@Marblue143@amandamuska@ashleydj1oo@xsandas17@ChelseaJay @Selfishmachine @Rebecca22@sarahdarwish@LauraEspinoza@btsgotshinee@VikaAlex@SokharChea@bambamisbae@DinaEXo@tinaechle@ravenator143@MomoChemie@nnatalieg@sunggaray@Bockah1327@Cindystran@KatelynSummerso@hyunsaeng638@nightshade18@herrerawanessa9@KpopJunkiesTV@BluBear07@creames@beckiboop1996@SuperJuniorelf@KdramaKpop1018@JessicaChaney@misssukyi@Rocky1903@ninjamidori@Kpossible4250@anniemimis@AnnaArai@GossamoKewen95@Exoexo@EsmeraldaCayeta@igotswag@SarangRavi@kpoplover1995@DemiseiaGardner@BBxGD@CreeTheOtaku@DawanaMason@FalseLove@catchyacrayon@clandrea170@glo86@tinaechle@JackieG1617@emilyanpham14@LexTay327@MissyKim@Mercedesbenz98@jennymedina@SerenityPierce@aabxo@NancyNongvilay@DasiaB@Sisicup@Ticasensei@KaeliShearer@AnnieGoodman@juunnee@taetaejojo@kieusero@kissofdeath316 @annemimis@Starbell808@sunglrll99674@KhouYang@PrettieeEmm@Ercurrent @Mercii@staceyholley@ChelseaAustin@SaiT@Emealia@sarahdarwish@herreravanessa9@AlloBaber@LaynicornLay@thePinkPrincess@RihannaTiaMay@KatieRussell@SugalessJams@ILikeHisFace123 @SugaOnTop@katiems@DesireeChucklez@jaebug@moonchild03@terenailyn@xsandos17@SarahVanDorn@11erinmims@kpopandkimchi@glo86@Tigerlily84@PrettieeEmm@ChelseaJay@KellyOConnor@poojas@KDramaKPop1015@VIPforever123@fallchild@CreeTheOtaku@MorleeCorielus@JaxomB@luna1171@AgentLeo@Roxt1903@amandamuska@GDsGF@sherrysahar@kpopdeluxegirl@CheyenneJesse@KaceyDodge@MyaIsNotSexy@abiersack666@Taehyungkey@BtsIsLife@Bitterlimelight@KpopQueenaBee@Rhia@Kieuseru@sherrysahar@VIPFreak2NE1@yewookyu@Kyokeo@RainaC3@terenailyn@LilySilver@KeziahWright@Dabaesaplayer@ShimJooKyung@SamanthaRae19@DawanaMason @AlloBaber@JasmineWilliams@VixenViVi @Exoexo@shantalcamara@bangtanella@taetaebaozi@torchix@JohnEvans@DestinaByrd@LenaBlackRose@NalaniCerteza@BlueBear07 @Marilovexoxo@chinabarrier16@MalihaAhme@AmbieB@Rhia@VIPFreak2NE1@Vkookie47@PassTheSuga@stevieq@JasminMartinez@KwonOfAKind@CarleB@jessicacheung97@shannonl5@LAVONYORK@Kuzuri96 @Ercurrent@PandaSoapy@PatriciaS@tinathellama@CrystalGuerra@thekreviewer

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