Anime Characters That Describe Me

1. Undertaker(Black Butler) I'm always laughing and look for a good laugh. I also laugh loud and crazy like him xD 2. Sanji(One Piece) I can be the most silliest person you could ever meet but I can turn serious in a milisecond. 3. Arisa Uotani(Fruits Basket) I act very tough. I'm also very protective of my friends. I tell them if someone messes with you tell me I wont hesitate to confront them. I'm aslo very caring and loving at the same time.



Arisa Uotani

Hello, my name is Coreena. I'm 19. I'm a vegetarian. I am into Anime, Kpop, Video Games, Marvel and DC comics, Kdramas, Jpop, Jrock, Asian Culture and Action Movies. Animal lover. I love Asian men too xD
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