Christ does not promise His disciples an easy time. He endured suffering, and we cannot expect better treatment than our Master had. We may be sure always of divine protection. The strange word about numbering of the hairs of our head means that the smallest things in our lives are included in God’s providence. One of the greatest of Christ’s words is that about confessing Him. He wants all His friends to let everybody know that they belong to Him and are on His side. This means more than joining the Church, or getting up in a Christian Endeavor meeting and saying, “I love Christ.” We are to confess Him at our business, in society, among the worst people. The promise Christ gave was that if we own Him in this world He will own us in the other world. It will be a great thing to have Christ own us on the Judgement Day. But we must own Him now, whatever the world says, whatever it may cost, if we would have Him confess us before His Father.

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