Kill them with kindness experience (shooting range) 💖🔫💄

so yesterday at 8:30pm i went to a shooting range! i was so excited i felt like a little kid on a candy store lol yes laugh at me i had to sign some agreement papers and all that while waiting i saw the camaras of other peoole on their isle shooting different kind of riffles and hand guns, shot guns and specs ops alot of rifles even snipers i was so impressed. most of all happy! i was so nervous you know first time shooting a gun and riffle. so I put my ear muffers and head inside I was jumping and flinching with every shot I could feel the after effect of the bullets coming out of the barell all over my body to even say that I even felt that my brain was moving too so I take a step and you see cartilages flying and one of them hits my left cheek it burned really bad...

since my dad is a ex marine he showed me how to put in bullets and how to load the gun and put the safety slot first of all and how to take it off. the first that i shot was a 9 mill handgun at first i was so nervous and stiff that my hand flew up too the sealing ㅋㅋㅋ the first set was on the tummy my dad was impressed. after that I went all crazy ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. after that the magical AR 15 it was so beautiful OMG.. yeah that riffle gives you adrenaline to the Max!! the first shot hit my chest pretty bad!!! and it did hurt, the second shot ㅋㅋㅋㅋ oh God it hit my right cheek it hurt but I learned from from my mistakes, and mist of all how to control your breathing exhale when you press the trigger or hold on your breath anyways! I think it was an awesome adventure and this will totally help me on writing "Kill them with kindness " now that I know how it feels and how to grab a riffle and a handgun! have you gone to a shooting range if so.. comment down below! have any questions about the story comment down below or if you want some clues about the next story I'll probably answer comment down below!

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