Agent Krystal Chapter 1/?

Hello everyone! So, since it's cold and I thought you might like something to warm you up, here is the very first chapter of my prequel to the Captain Criminal minds fanfiction that was written by me and@shannonI5! I do hope you enjoy this just as much!

The rain was falling like tears outside Krystal's room, and she got up to pull the blinds to soften the noise. All her senses were heightened now that she carried Bucky's child, and she just couldn't take the drum of the rain on her balcony any longer. "Steve you punk, what were you thinking getting yourself killed?" she muttered softly to herself, getting back into bed. The closer she got to her due date, the tireder she became. Krystal pulled a sketchbook from her bedside table, beginning to draw something. She sighed softly as she started with the eyes. This was what she always drew first, feeling that they are the windows into the soul. She drew what she knew in her heart might never come to pass. Her fiancée Bucky, herself and their child. She wasn't sure if it was a boy or girl, and she didn't want to know yet. She wanted to be surprised, just like she would have been if Bucky were there with her. Many weeks passed like this, Krystal simply relaxing, drawing, painting or playing the guitar and piano. It was to an empty, sad apartment she did this though, only the child inside her able to listen. It would sometimes kick along to the beat of the sad love song its mother played. Life had lost all its vigor without the man she loved by her side. Little did she know at the time that she would see Bucky and Steve again.

Despite being without Bucky, the pregnancy went by very fast, and before Krystal knew it, she was picking out names. "Well, Rebecca Serenity for a girl, after our sisters. For a boy, its no question. James Buchanan Barnes Jr." she quipped to herself as she rubbed her swollen belly, listening to Bucky's favorite album on the player. She missed him terribly, but she knew that somehow he'd find a way back to her. He had the last time, why would this time be any different? She just hoped it wouldn't take 4 centuries to do it this time.

The day was June 10th, 1943. Krystal had been feeling especially sick today, so she decided to drop in on her doctor. She could feel the contractions getting closer together as she walked into the front door of the hospital, but she dismissed it. She wasn't due for another week. The baby had other plans though. She hollerd in pain, and then passed out, nurses running to her aid. It was then, after 4 hours of cursing in 6 different languages and screaming for Bucky that the nurses handed Krystal her beautiful son. She was all sweaty and tired, but she grinned wider than she ever had, holding the small boy close. "My little James... If only your father were here to see this.."

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