Doraemon's Mask

Gather some, gather all, here's the third mini novela specifically dedicated to our smiling angel, Dae-Sung! :D

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Imma take a moment before we begin to thank my fellow readers for all their support and love, it means a lot to me since I don't usually publish my work! *cries* I'm building up support so I can execute my main fanfic story, which should be coming out next month so I hope ya'll stick around for some more BigBang love <3

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“You smell that? Smells like freshly sewn costumes and powdered wigs,” your BFF breathed.

“Uh, I smell blood, sweat, and a handful of mental breakdowns,” you reply, looking at the ocean of people in the convention center for AnimeCon in Pasadena, one of the many anime conventions that you attended annually for the chance of meeting amazing people and seeing great cosplay work.

“Well, as true as that may be, I must go now, and join my fellow squad into awesomeness,” your BFF bowed, making her leather jacket squeak. She had attend the convention this year as Sasha from Shingeki no Kyojin and even put together the straps and built the 3D maneuver gear out of cardboard, but carried around a pretty good sized potato. You waved goodbye as she joined other friends to sign up for the costume contest. It was a rare moment when you didn't cosplay either but you had been busy with your work that you didn't think about giving a bit of time to prepare something for the convention.

As you walked through the crowd and snapped plenty of photos, you see a long line leading up to a meet and great with the creator of the manga and anime, Doraemon. You get in line and practice your patience as you try to perfect what to say to the creator himself.

“Hello Fujio-san,” You bow when you get to the front and speak the little Japanese that you know. “I'm a big fan! It's nice to get an opportunity to meet you.”

“Thank you for being kind and supportive,” Fujio-san replied with a polite smile, then grabbed the last goodie bag off the table and signed one of the miniature posters inside. After another bow, he gets up and leaves his signing panel.

Out of nowhere a tall, slim man in a bright blue hoodie appeared beside you, he wore a Doraemon mask in order to hide his face but you could still hear his panting breath hit his mask.

“Aishh, I missed Fujio-san!” he exclaimed in Korean with a familiar tone. You look up at him to apologize for taking the last bag then feel your eyes pop out of your head when you realize it was Dae-Sung from BigBang underneath the mask. In that moment, you thanked the gods for teaching yourself Korean in order to understand Kpop.

“Maybe I can catch up to him,” he pondered, looking over the crowd of people to catch a glimpse of the creator.

“I'm sorry, please take my bag,” you feel yourself say in Korean and bow, holding up the bag to him, like an offering to a god.

He chuckled with such a cheerful tone that it was easy for you to confirm it was Dae-Sung underneath the mask, “No, it's okay. It's my fault for not getting here early enough.”

You straighten back up and look at him with a shy smile, then grab his hand and wrap his fingers around the handles quickly. You bow again in the process then turn around and walk away, leaving Dae-Sung behind, calling out to you to stop.

Holy crap! That was Dae-Sung from BigBang! Ugh, if I would have known that sooner, I could have stalled Fujio-san so Dae-Sung could meet him!

That's the only time I'll ever see him in such close proximity, I'm glad I gave him the bag.

“Hey!” a voice calls out, you look up and see the Doraemon mask weaving around towards you.

Aishh, he's going to give the bag back! Get the hint Dae-Sung, I gave it to you for a reason!

“I want to thank you,” Dae-Sung says when he finally reaches you, “Your kindness touched my heart, please, have lunch with me.” You could hear the bright smile in his voice.

“There's a cafe across the street that should be pretty quiet,” you speak softly, still in shock to be in Dae-Sung's presence.

“That would be great!” he chuckled, then stayed close to you as you both made it through the sea of bodies. Once outside, you gently grasp the hem of his sweatshirt and lead him to the cafe. It was quiet, and it didn't seem to have anyone from the convention so you figured it'd be good enough for some privacy.

After ordering lunch and getting some coffee, you two find an isolated place in the back to sit and eat. Dae-Sung slides off his mask and sets it on the table. He combs his hair with his fingers and notices you watching him.

“Sorry, I have to dress up a lot when I go to conventions,” he chuckled. You smile shyly, struggling to form a sentence in order to create a conversation. “Do you cosplay?” Dae-Sung beats you to a topic.

You nod, “I usually cosplay when I attend conventions but I have been busy with work and school so I didn't give myself to think up of something,” you explain, taking a bite of your sandwich.

“That's so cool, what kind of anime do you like?” he asked.

You spend your lunch exchanging anime interests and recommending mangas to each other. He cracks jokes that make you laugh so hard that you're gasping for air but even you have jokes to share and it makes him laugh and smile just as much.

He's no different than on the screen, you think to yourself when he begins to laugh. He'll probably get mad when I tell him that I know who he is. He's going to think that I've been deceiving him the whole time. >>

“I never caught your name since you ran away from me so quickly,” he teased, breaking your train of thoughts.

“I'm Y/N,” you bow to hide the color in your cheeks.

“Y/N? What a lovely name,” he smiled. “I'm Dae-”

“You're Dae-Sung, oppa from BigBang.” You stand up, and brace yourself for an angry Dae-Sung. “I'm sorry I didn't say anything before, it's because you were in a mask to hide yourself from being chased around and I didn't want to ruin your time at the con, especially after I took the chance of meeting Fujio-san away from you. Please forgive me,” you bow quickly and begin to walk away, fighting back the tears.

“Hold on,” Dae-Sung stands up abruptly and grabs your hand quickly to pull you back, catching you in his arms as you stumble backwards.

He holds you tightly and sighs, “You protected oppa's identity when you yourself are a VIP, and even gave oppa your bag from Fujio-san, knowing how much I love Doraemon. I'm not mad, I'm really touched by your kindness. Please don't run away again, it would make me sad,” his voice was sincere and gentle.

“I'm sorry,” you mumble, returning to your seat when he lets you go. Dae-Sung grabbed the hem of his sleeve then tilted your chin up to wipe away the tears on your face.

“You look much more prettier when you laugh, please, smile for me again,” he grinned, causing color to flood your cheeks. You smile shyly at his compliment and he chuckles.

“Oppa?” you speak softly. He rests his sleeve on your cheek and keeps his other hand on your chin, looking deep into your eyes. “How come you're not mad?” you continue.

“Because I'm always the one who is trying to brighten the mood and keep everyone laughing when things get shaky. But today you were the one who brighten my mood and kept me entertained, even though you knew who I was. It felt nice to be treated like a real person and not just another celebrity, that really touched me,” he smiled and pulled his hands back.

You giggle, embarrassed by his own kindness.

Dae-Sung stands up and holds his hand out to you, “Let's go back to the convention.”

You nod and take his hand, but instead of letting go, Dae-Sung squeezes your hand gently as he slips back on his mask. You smile to yourself and follow him back to the convention center across the street. More people had arrived so it was difficult to maneuver around mass bodies without getting shoved around. A group of rowdy teenagers pass between you and Dae-Sung, making your hands let go of each other and struggle to get back to where he stood.

“Y/N,” he shouted, holding his hand out again then pulling you into his arms when you grabbed on. “Let's not have you runaway again, okay?” he laughed, hugging you tightly. You melt into his arms then feel him turn you both abruptly to shield you from another herd of shoving teens.

When the coast became clear, Dae-Sung grabbed your hand again then tucked it into his sweatshirt pocket, holding onto it firmly. You both keep walking, checking out every booth and going to various panels. With his phone, you two take selfies with other cosplayers.

“I'll send them to you,” Dae-Sung smiled brightly, holding out his phone for you to type in your number. You beam back and type it in the contact space and return it.

Holy shit, I just gave my number to Dae-Sung! Dae-Sung just low-key asked for my number! Can this day get any better?!

Dae-Sung tugs you forward to a booth filled with Doraemon items, and you both begin to binge on the plushies, key chains, and even the manga. Laughing with each other when the salesperson ends up giving you the biggest bags they had in stock.

“The bag is heavy, let me carry it,” Dae-Sung says, taking the bag away from you.

“You don't think I have muscle?” you tease, flexing your available arm to him.

“So strong!” Dae-Sung laughes when he pokes at your bicep.

You head to the main ballroom to get good seats for the cosplay contest and performances. When you sit down, Dae-Sung sets the bags under the seat then lets go of your hand in order to drape it around your shoulders. You grab your other bag and dig around for sweets, handing Dae-Sung a box of pocky and a soda and encourage him to unwind.

“You're so sweet to your oppa, thank you,” Dae-Sung smiled, taking the food then pulling you closer to snuggle when the lights dim down and the hosts appear. The cosplay constant consisted of many competitors and amazing skits. You cheered when your BFF and her squad came out to preform and act out a miniature skit. Dae-Sung cheered and laughed along, but would often stare at you and smile to himself. Whenever you'd catch him looking at you, he'd flash a bright smile at you, making you blush in the dark and smile back.

Once the winner was announced, the hosts invited everyone to attend the after party dance that was to be hosted in the next ballroom until midnight. As the crowd cheered and began to leave to the next room, Dae-Sung held you close and protected you whenever people in the same row would pass by to get through.

“How about we skip the dance?” Dae-Sung leaned in and spoke in your ear to drown out the noisy crowd. You nod and grab your stuff then take his arm and follow him out of the convention center once more.

“Where did you want to go?” you ask him dropping your bags on a bench. It was dark outside but you fought back the idea of letting the day end.


“Wherever you want to go,” he answered with a smile and pulled you into his arms.

You smile into his chest, “why does this feel like a date?”

He slips off his mask but pulls on his sweatshirt's hoodie then leaned down and smiled into your hair. “A date huh? Hmm. You gave me a gift, so that can be you confessing. Then I asked you to lunch, so that can be me asking you out. And we spent the day together after that, I guess it is like a date,” he laughed. “But doesn't the guy usually get a kiss at the end of the night?”

“What?” you pull back and look at him, but before you could react, Dae-Sung lifts your chin up to his face and plants a gentle kiss on your lips. You both pull back blushing, then share a laugh.

“Y/N,” his expression changed to serious, “I have to go back to Seoul tomorrow. I'm registered to leave for the military in a few days.”

“Tomorrow? Military?” your heart sank. The military dates for the BigBang members had completely slipped out of your mind throughout the entire day.

“I know, I'm sorry for not saying anything earlier. I had so much fun today and I met you! An incredible beautiful girl with the heart of gold who shares everything with me! I didn't want to think about how today would end.”

You felt the tears spill from the corners of your eyes.

“No no, please don't cry. Angels don't cry unless they're happy,” he cupped your face with his hands and wiped your tears away. “Promise me that you'll wait for me, promise me that you'll be here when I return.”

You place your hands over his own and give him a small smile, “I promise, oppa,” you whispered.

He smiled and kissed you again. “To think that I'd find the girl of my dreams today, I'm so glad you beat me to the Fujio-san meet and greet.”

You giggle while he kisses your forehead before wrapping his arms tightly around you. That night, you share plenty of kisses then suffer through a heartbreaking goodbye.

When you tell your BFF everything, she holds you tightly as you cry your heart out on her shoulder. She soothes out your hair but ends up pulling away to hand you your phone when it goes off.

“The number doesn't look familiar,” she said. You take the phone and unlock it to review the message. It was the pictures that Dae-Sung had taken on his phone, he had finally sent them to you.

“It's Dae-Sung,” you breathe. Your BFF grins at you.

“What does he say?” she asked.

“'Hope these keep you company, I love you, Y/N. See you soon!'” you read his words out loud.

“It's only two years right? It'll pass by in a flash girl, keep your head up because you promised to you'd be waiting for him,” your BFF hugged you again.

Scene! D'X *cries*

Well since I have constant Wi-Fi, I'll be posting more a lot more often, so please stay tuned for the ending! :D *bows*

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