Big Bang Scavenger Hunt!!!

Yayyy!!! I'm sooooo happy there's another one of these!! They are so fun!!

1. Pre-show hand ritual... This literally took FOREVER to find!! But I found it!!!

2. Pic of least fave Taeyang hairstyle and why. Do I really need to explain, I mean look at it! He looks like he has binoculars on his head.

3. Video of Big Bang in the studio.

4. Your fave pic of one of the members dressed as a woman. Yes, yes I chose Daesungie...

5.Pic of G-Dragon's most outrageous outfit (in your opinion). I mean really GD what's the sense in the sleeves(not that it doesn't look bomb). And then that first pic just, why!?! Why GBaby WAE!?!?

6. Pics of all members signatures.

7. Seungri panda fan art. I thought these 3 were the cutest!!!

8. Video of any combination of members speaking English.

9. Pic of TOP pillow from the MADE Naver V broadcast. I wonder if TOP's pillow form can bounce like him? Lol

10. 5 different crayons... Thought i'd add a little Pororo, well because everyone needs a little penguin in their life. :)

11. Gif of Daesung dancing or being goofy.

12. Make you laugh!!! Welp, hope I succeeded!!!


13. Video of another idol group reacting to Big Bang at an awards show.

14. Make you laugh AGAIN!!! SeBOOTY THO!!!







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