Korean 101: 할까 말까?


Should I do it? Should I not do it!?

In life we make a lot of decisions, so its great to ask people their opinions. Should I do it or not? Should I go or stay? Should I tell him or keep quiet?

Thanks to @WiviDemol for suggesting this lesson!

Here's a simple grammar form to ask just that!


The ~ㄹ까 ending usually means 'shall I...?' so

할까 말까? - Should I or should I not do it?

(hal-kka mal-kka)

갈까 말까? - Should I or should I not go?

(kal-kka mal-kaa)

Check out A-Pink's song 'Petal' to learn how to pronounce it and to help you remember!

Pay attention at 1:07

말할까 말까 할까 말까 - Should I tell you or not? Should I do it or not?

(mal hal-kka mal-kka, hal-kaa mal-kka)

(말하다 is the verb for "to tell/say")

Is anyone else bad at making decisions like me!?

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