Agent Krystal Chapter 2/?

Welcome one and all to the second chapter of my lovely fan fiction! I hope you all are enjoying it!

Krystal smiled as she held her son. He had grown so much in just the last few days. He grinned toothlessly back at her, giggling happily as she carried him around the apartment. She kissed his head. "My sweet little boy. You're gonna be just like your daddy someday, I just know it." She kissed his head again, singing along softly to some soft jazz music playing on the radio. JJ giggled, holding on to his mother and watching as she made herself a cup of tea one handed. It was fascinating to him to see her work, despite only being about 2 weeks old. He was smarter than he looked though, a genius, though he didn't know how to show it. He knew she would love him no matter what, but he wanted to show off a bit for his beautiful mother. It was every bit like his father, who had always tried to impress her even if she already loved him.

Its now been 6 months since JJ wss born, and Krystal couldn't be happier. He helped heal the the hole in her heart Bucky left when he died. She was happily sipping a cup of tea and reading a magazine as her son played with his Buckybear when she heard a happy giggle coming from him. JJ had been crawling for the past few weeks, but what Krystal saw next shocked her. He got up on his two little legs and walked to her, hands outstreched to be picked up. She grinned excitedly as she watched him, setting down her magazine to snap a few photos. When he got to her, she set the camera down, picking him right up. "That was so amazing! Mommy's so proud!" she said as she cuddled him close, wishing his father had been there to see this.

Later that day, while JJ lay in his bassinet cooing, something else came out. "Mama! Mama!" It wasn't particularly loud, but it was just enough for Krystal to hear as she came in to feed him. She picked him up happily, hugging him close. "That's right my dear, I'm your mama!" she told him excitedly, bouncing him up and down a few times before removing her shirt to feed him. She could always tell when he is hungry.

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