5 Beauty And Wellness Podcasts Specifically For The Ladies

If you thought podcasts were limited to murder mysteries and self-improvement, think again. Although those both happen to be extremely interesting, if you happen to be a makeup junkie like myself -- sometimes you just have makeup on the brain. If you find yourself daydreaming about makeup all day long then you've come to the right place. For my ladies who turn spend every waking hour of the day on YouTube, but try their hardest not to get caught -- there's an app for that. No, seriously.

You can now get your fix without getting fired by enjoy podcasts geared specifically towards beauty and wellness. If you ask me, it doesn't get too much better than that. All of your questions will be answered and you'll learn a few tips along the way as well. Talk about being productive. Beauty while you're working, beauty while you're driving even beauty while you're falling asleep. When you're not getting your weekly Serial fix, you have the option to revel in your girly ways and check out these entertaining, yet informational beauty podcasts seen below.

Podcast #1: The Beauty Brains


Podcast #2: TED Talks: Health


Podcast #3: The Wellness Wonderland


Podcast #4: Beauty and the Vlog


Podcast #5: The Nutrition Diva's Quick and Dirty Tips



Ladies, you have five podcasts to choose between , one for each work day.

Grab your headphones and get to listening.

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