Lee Seung Gi barely has any sleep because of Gu Book's filming

Filming a drama is never easy, especially when the filming and airing take place at the same time. Though he has a lot of experience, Lee Seung Gi shared that he too is tired due to lack of sleep and overnight filming. He has to eat healthy food (and usually they don't taste good), drinking eel juice and other herbal drinks to keep himself energized. Though going through a lot of difficulties, it has been said on multiple accounts that Seung Gi has never lost his smile and always be humble towards the filming crew and fellow actors. Seung Gi has devoted his all and everything to this drama, saying "I went on a diet to lost weight. Many people said that my visual got better. I originally was going to do it only for two weeks but I'm still on a diet. This is physically harder than any other dramas, but when I see what the director has filmed, I can't complain." I'm sure his efforts are worth it. The drama is really good. You can do it Kang Chi!!!

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