Let's Talk About: Chanyeol's Hair Color 💇😱

What Hair Color does suits Chanyeol the most? -Pick from the pictures below then comment. If you have a thing in mind, feel free to share.

1. The Brown Hair He uses this most of the time.

2. The Red'ish Brown Hair. This is the color of his hair during the Overdose Era.

3. Black Hair. He also uses this most of the time.

4. Those Shades of Gray. He used this recently in the Love me right Era and a different kind of tone in the Call me Baby Era.

5. The Yellow'ish mixed with other colors. He used that color when it's their break from the Overdose Era.

So ....... In your Opinion, What hair color does suits Chanyeol the most? *There are more Haircolors that Chanyeol used but I just chose a few*

But Chanyeol doesn't have to worry, We love him for who he is. Even if ......

Even if his hair becomes rainbow-colored (like sehun ha-ha) or he'll be Bald. We will still love this Happy Virus who touched and influenced our lives by his talent and hardwork. Right? Check out my other collection: The Dating Games > https://www.vingle.net/collections/4246749-The-Dating-Games See the 2nd card if you want to know which BIGBANG member suits your style. Thank you ♥ My New Collection: "Let's Talk About ..." So that we can talk about random stuffs. -Comment "Tag me" if you want to be tagged and updated.

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