Is Gary a fighter?

Surprisingly Gary is said to have good fighting skill despite his image on Running Man!! He has undergone combat training before and graduated from a bodyguard academy. To top it off, he has black belts in many types of martial arts including taekwondo and hapkido. Gary's bandmate Gil revealed that Gary has also been doing boxing for the past 10 years (gasps) and he is really strong. Gil can't even win him at arm wrestle even if he use two hands to fight Gary's left hand!! However, it seems like Gary doesn't like to be seen as a fighter. He tweeted, “Hul~ Now I’ve become a fight master. I’m embarrassed because it seems like a lie. Am I that impressive? My friends will poke fun at me about my supposed fighting ability again… Oh well~~~ I’m going to go eat pho now.” (translation credit to soompi) WOW! I totally didn't expect that. But I mean, Gary is still Gary... just that he's 10 more times cooler now because he's strong :P

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