First Time in Korea Part 3

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Recap: I left the USA to go to South Korea for the first time to see my future brother-in-law with my sister, Jasmine and my close friend, Julie. We have one week to enjoy and so far, I've met with 2 handsome great guys. Here's Part 1: Part 2:

I'm in the back of the van with Kris on my left side and Chanyeol on my right. I think the really tall guy with dark eye circles is Tao, he's sitting next to another really tall guy, I think it's Sehun. Next to him is Luhan, pretty boy in my opinion, and in the passenger seat is Lay, he is so cute and sweet. My sister and Julie are in another van, I told them to come with me, but they insisted that they didn't want to witness the weird tension between me and the guys. I have no idea, what she's talking about, I didn't know these guys were so hospitable to foreign people. "Hey, Kris, why are you being so nice to me and my friends? Are you guys really nice to foreign people?" I said, looking over to him. He just stared at me for a moment and said, "We are not usually nice to foreign people the way we are with you, you have no idea, do you? I mean who we are or what we do?" I was stumped to know who they were or what they do? My friend, Julie, told me that they were famous. That's all I know. I sheepishly look back at him, "I'm sorry, I look like an ignorant person for not realizing that you were famous." Kris laughs, "You're not ignorant, you just don't know us, which is refreshing actually." Tao says, "You really don't know about us?" I look to him and I gave him my sincerest face and said, "I'm really sorry, I really don't know." He asked, "Do you know Kpop?" I nod. "Well, we are in a group called EXO, we sing, dance, compose, produce, etc." I remember a song, I turn to face Kris and tell him, "Did you guys sing the song, HISTORY?" He nods. Chanyeol said, "So you know us?" I look back to him and see his cute expression of finally being recognized. "I just know the song and a picture of Lay that my friend showed me. I'm sorry, I didn't know there was a bunch of you guys." *The manager that's driving interrupts, telling us there's a big crowd in front of their dorms. Kris tells the managers to take us to a restaurant and if the managers could drop off their luggage at their dorms, that way they don't have to deal with the crowd. The manager said they'll be back later to pick them up since they have an event to attend later tonight.* Tao looks at me from head to toe, I look down to see what I was wearing to see what could he possibly be looking at.

Tao looks at my face and smiles and turns around to tell Sehun something and they both start to giggle. I look to Kris and he dozed off, I turn around to Chanyeol and he's dozed off too. So, I make small talk with the other guys. We stop in front of the restaurant and everyone starts to get off. I turn to Chanyeol and shake him gently, "Chanyeol, we are here..." His head was rolling around when I shook him and his head landed on my lap. I froze. 'Omg, what do I do? what do I do? Umm, I'm a give him a wet willy.' I put my finger in my mouth and put it in his ear, his head shot up so quick that he hit his head on the headrest in front of him. "OWWW, What was that?" I grab his head between my hands and look to see if he's bleeding; he wasn't, thank god. "You wouldn't wake up so, I had to use drastic measures... I'm so sorry..." I start rubbing the bump that started to swell and since he's tall, he was bent forward awkwardly and I kiss the bump. When I let go of his head, he covers his face with his hair and says, "What's that for?". I lean my head sideways, not understanding what he meant. He looks up and says, "The kiss?" His face is pink and flushed, 'So cute!!'; "Oh, it's what I do when someone gets a booboo. My mom does it for me, so it's like a habit, sorry." He smiles and he says, "No problem, I'll see you in there. Good luck waking Kris the same way..." He chuckles as he gets off. I turn around to face Kris and I tap him, no response. I shake him gently, "Kris, wake up, we are here..." He opens his eyes slowly, scans the van and his gaze lands on me, 'Wow, he looks so sexy when he wakes up.' I sigh and his gaze lands on my lips. He starts to slowly get closer to me and I back up until my back hits the arm rest and my head hits the window. I look behind me to see if anyone was out there, no one was there, I look back to Kris, 'He's so close, is he gonna kiss me? Omg, Jasmine and Julie were right, there is a weird tension and I don't know what to do.' I close my eyes and turn my face sideways, I feel him getting closer and he whispers in my ear, which sends shivers down my spine and my chest starts to move quickly, "I had a dream about you, I was wondering if I was still dreaming.......You know, how I know I'm not dreaming, because at this moment we wouldn't be in this pose. I'll see you inside." Kris leaves a kiss on my ear and gets out of the van. I'm left to grasp some semblance of self-composure and fix myself up. My sister comes out to check on me and I come out of the van and walk in the restaurant. Jasmine: You okay, you look kind of flustered? Me: Hey, when you mentioned a weird tension, what did you mean? Jasmine: You may be older than me by 4 years, but you know nothing about guys. *My face looked indignant, for what she said next, shut me up.* You haven't had a boyfriend since you were 14, just because you kiss guys when your drunk doesn't mean you have experience. Me: *sulkily* I've only kissed 3 guys the last 3 times I was drunk, for your information. Jasmine: Compared to me, I'm engaged, I know when a guy is interested. Me: *adamantly* Who's interested, I'm not interested. Jasmine: You may not be, but both those guys, Kris and ChanChan are interested in you. If you really don't like them, let them know before you lead them on and hurt them. Me: How can I lead them on, when I'm not even their type. His name is not ChanChan. Jasmine: Whatever, like I care. *Julie comes out of the room and spots us, she waves at us. Chanyeol pops his head out and smiles and says to hurry before they eat it all. We hurry over and Chanyeol leads me to sit next to him and Lay. Kris sits right in front of me and besides him sits Tao and Sehun on his other side.* Tao looks at me and smirks, I gave him a puzzled look. 'What is he up to? Since the car ride, he hasn't said anything to me. Oh, looks like he's gonna say something to me, afterall?' I grab my drink and Tao says, "What's your ideal man?". With that question, I choke on my drink and spill some down my throat and on my chest. Chanyeol grabs napkins and starts wiping the spill on my face and throat and on the table. "You ok, Jinny?" He asks, his face full of concern, 'Why is he so cute?' "Yea, I'm ok, Thank you for asking. By the way, what kind of juice is this?" "Makgeolli, it's sweet, right?" says Chanyeol. "It tastes so good! Can I have another?" He nods and serves me another one. Tao looks like he's sulking, 'I forgot to answer, should I though? I'm so torn.' I look at Kris and Kris ignores me, talking to Sehun. 'Ok???' "Hey, Tao, I'm sorry, what was your question again?" He looked at me, like a puppy getting attention from its owner. " I said, what's..." He was interrupted by Kris, "Tao, can you pass the food down, everyone's eating except us...I'm starving." Tao pouts, "but....Jinny....Fine! Here's your food." *We all started eating our food and no time to talk. Chanyeol kept putting food on my plate, so I have a chance to try it all. 'He's so sweet and caring...' I look forward and catch Kris staring and he looks away. 'Umm ok, what was that about?' I see Chanyeol filling my cup again with that sweet drink. 'How many of these have I had, how much are they? Maybe I can buy some for later.' After everyone is slowly finishing their plates, I get up to go to the restroom, my friend looks at me and signals should she come to? I shook my head, she looks like she's having fun talking to Lay and Baekhyun. I got to the bathroom and wash my hands and put the cold water on my neck and chest, I feel so hot. I gave myself a last look in the mirror and I start walking towards the door, all of a sudden, I feel dizzy. My knees are wobbly, 'UhOh...I'm tipsy...Oh no...I can't let them see me like this.' I open the door and think about escaping to go outside and get some fresh air, when I bump into a solid wall of flesh. 'Flesh? what?' I look up and looking down at me is Kris. His eyes trace my flushed face, his eyes dip down to my lips, my throat, and then to my chest. I see him lick his lips and his eyes snap back to my own, I see something in his eyes darken, I back up. *Kris P.O.V.* 'Take your hands off her. Why does it seem like you like him fumbling around with napkins, cleaning up your spill? Do you really have to clean the spill on her throat?' I see her asking about the drink, I bet she doesn't know its alcoholic. If your so unnerved by Tao's question, why would you ask about it again? "Tao, can you pass the food down, everyone's eating except us...I'm starving." 'Finally, some peace and quiet. I spoke too soon. Why are you smiling like a fool being served by Chanyeol? Do you like him fawning all over you? Do you like him or something? Nah, I think I have her figured out a bit to tell that she doesn't have much experience with guys. Woah, how many drinks has she had?' She looks fine when she got up to go to the bathroom. I look around and see everyone is busy, I get up and follow her to the bathroom to make sure she's not throwing up. I hear her coming, what I didn't expect is her bumping into me. 'Is she Okay? Is she drunk, is she like those other Korean girls where they become violent and swear?' She looks up at me and her beautiful face is flushed from the alcohol. Her eyes are so gorgeous and how they are looking at me through half-lidded eyes. Her lips look like ripened berries waiting to be tasted and savored, her throat so slim and her full bountiful chest that some girls pay thousands for. I look into her eyes and something in me tells me that she's mine, only mine.


So, It's not too graphic and hopefully not too boring. Who do you guys ship? Maybe there will be a twist in the story! You never know lol

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