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"For the person to protect me for possibly my entire life, I have chosen...Yoongi."

Yoongi looked up at me from his spot on the floor. He simply nodded and continued to look blankly at the room. Some of the others clapped for Yoongi and some complained or questioned me.

"He's always so sleepy. But yeah, he could fight off those guys if he had to. You're in good hands." Jin shook Yoongi out of his thoughts. I giggled when he almost hit his head off the wall behind him. We all continued talking and I eventually started talking to Yoongi. He said that he's not always tired like people say but he just loves to sleep. Heh, what a person.

"Y/N, you should know this about me, I can be serious when I need to. So if you or we get attacked, I can handle it. But I also believe that if I weren't around, you could handle yourself. You look strong for a girl." He poked at my arm then my forehead. "I'm also very kind sometimes." We talked a bit more about stuff I like and what he likes. He suddenly asked, "Hey, here's an idea, let's go to Seoul tomorrow so you can get used to the place. It's huge so you're gonna have to learn it eventually." I nodded in agreement and we talked to the others about it.

After a long conversation with Hoseok and Yoongi about some noodles, Jin told us to go to bed. I followed the others out and walked down to my room. I changed went to the bathroom. Yoongi was walking out of his room in his pajamas and Kumamon shirt. I just had to laugh in my hand. "What? What's so funny? Y/N?" I pointed to his shirt and he just shrugged and walked away. Later on, I kinda felt bad for laughing. Whenever I meet up with him I will.

Well, that wasn't too hard finding him. He passed by right as I opened the door after I finished in the bathroom. "Yoongi!" He turned around and looked at me. "I'm sorry that I laughed at you earlier. It's just kinda funny that someone like you likes something like that." Yoongi busted a smile.

"Yeah, I guess it's kinda weird for a tough guy like me to like him. But honestly, he's so cute!" I nodded and giggled a bit. "Here, come on to my room, I wanna show you my collection." I followed him into his room. Namjoon was talking to Jin when we walked in. They looked at us but Yoongi didn't pay them any attention. "This is what I wanted to show you." He pulled out a Kumamon plush out from under his pillow. He held it out for me to hold so I took it and poked it a few times.

"This is so cute!" I rubbed his or it's fur. Yoongi pulled out a hand puppet version and put it on his hand. We started playing with them like kids do with dolls. Jin and Namjoon had stopped talking awhile ago, but we didn't notice.

"Hey, you both need sleep. Y/N, I'm sorry but you need to go to bed." Jin was standing beside the bed looking at us like small children. I nodded and set down the plush on Yoongi's bed. "Y/N, tomorrow Yoongi is going to move into your room. You two will be roommates"

"We are?" Yoongi and I said in unison. Why had Jin decide that without asking Yoongi? Yoongi didn't act upset, but he looked surprised. Eventually I nodded my head and left. Back in my room I sat thinking about playing with Yoongi and his Kumamons. Very funny. It was almost 1 so I went to bed.

I couldn't sleep after an hour. I decided to get up and go sit in the living room and read something. Probably not a good idea but it'll help me feel sleepy. In the main area there was someone sitting at the table writing. It was Yoongi and the plush was sitting on the table looking at him. I said his name, but he didn't jump. Instead he quietly said my name.

"What are you doing out here? It's very late and you need sleep." He didn't even look up from his writing when he said it.

"Ah, I wasn't tired so I decided to read something. I'll ask you the same thing, why are you out here so late?" I sat at the table beside across from him and picked up the plush.

"I have to have some lyrics done for our next comeback. They need to be in to the company in a few days. I might not have much time the next few days so I have to work during the night." He wrote another line but ripped the page out and threw it. I picked up the paper and opened it.

"These are your ideas?" I was amazed by how good they were. Why would he throw these away? "Yoongi, these are amazing! Why aren't you using these?"

"I have, but I've used them for a few other songs. The same thoughts have come back again and again. My head can't think of anything new." He ruffled his hair in frustration and eventually sat back in his chair.

"I can help you with ideas if you want. It might be good to get new ideas from someone who has a different outlook and ideas than you." He gave a slight nod. "And, your brain needs hydration to work. Your brain will dry up as much as you're using it now. Do you have a tea preference?" He looked up at me and shook his head. I looked around the kitchen and found some tea and some tea cups. "I've heard that tea helps with thinking." I made two cups of tea and set one beside Yoongi.

He thanked me and told me about the concept for the album. I helped him get some ideas and a while later he had written three songs. We each had five cups of tea too, plus one for Kumamon. Every so often I sang a bit of it so he could get an idea for the tune. I tried to think of some choreography one of the songs but learned that it's difficult to show the emotion of a song through movements. We finished the three songs and did a rough sketch of a choreography for one of them.

It was almost 5 in the morning and the fatigue hit me hard. Yoongi was also very exhausted from the night. He was very lively not too long ago but fell asleep on his book while clutching his plush. How cute, but he needs to get back to his room. I woke him up and helped him back to his room. We said our good nights and went to our rooms. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I fell asleep.


"HEY!!! Y/N!!! WAKE UP!!!" Someone was practically shouting in my ear. So noisy... The person yelled again. "Y/N!!! IT'S MORNING NOW!!!" I groaned and turned on my side away from the noise. It probably wasn't a good idea to stay up until 5. "Agh, she's almost as bad as Yoongi. Have the others woken him up yet?" I heard another voice say no. Technically I'm not really awake, just half awake, maybe not even half. "Aish, are we gonna have to do it Jimin?" I assumed he nodded because one ripped the blanket off of me and picked up my feet. The other person, probably Jimin, put his hands under my arms and lifted me off the bed.

They started saying stuff like, "She's so light compared to him." And, "It'll be bad if there are two of them." The other person was definitely Jungkook. I heard some others talk about Yoongi. It was Taehyung, Hoseok, and Namjoon. I heard them set Yoongi down near me on the floor. They all shifted somewhere and almost everything was silent. The only other sound was the stove and Yoongi's light snoring.

All at once, the five shouted, "HWAITING! (FIGHTING!)" very loud. I wasn't expecting that so I automatically sat up, startled. Suddenly I was wide awake. Yoongi slowly sat up and looked at them with a death glare. The others started laughing and all but Namjoon were on the ground laughing. Yoongi got up and looked at me. "You too?" I nodded. "They do that if waking you up doesn't work 5 times." He grumbled and sat at the table. I too sat down while the others were recollecting themselves from their laugh attack.

Jin brought steak with egg, noodles with red sauce, and kimchi to the table. We ate it all quickly. "This is very good. Thanks eomma (Mom) for the delicious meal!" Taehyung laughed while slurping some noodles.

"How did you know to call me eomma? Did Kookie tell you?" I shook my head.

"I got my memories back. The medicine they give at the facility to forget something only lasts about 2 days. So we got medicine every day." I got a few nods and a curious stare from Jimin. Everyone else was focused on eating. They finished the meal quickly and left to get ready. I helped Jin clean up since it gets so messy.

I finished up and went to get dressed and cleaned for the day. No one was in the bathroom so I went in to clean up. I walked out and Namjoon and Hoseok was carrying some boxes from their room to mine. I ran to my room and Yoongi was setting some more boxes in the corner of my room. Oh yeah, he's moving into my room under Jin's order. It's not that I minded him moving in, it's just that it's so sudden. Yoongi saw me and told the others to continue getting ready and he came up to me.

"Sorry for moving in so unexpectedly. Namjoon kinda kicked me out when he heard that I was moving out of the room. I'll just go back to my room and continue getting ready, you too." He left my room and walked to his. I changed into a white shirt with a red paint heart, black pants and red converse. I noticed a box of notebooks in one of Yoongi's boxes. One side was black and the other was white. On the spine was written "Secret" in bold writing.

If the word "Secret" is written anywhere, it should probably be looked at. So, naturally I reached for the book. Yoongi walked into the room holding a box of plushies then saw me reaching in his box of notebooks.

"Hey, why are you snooping around? That's my stuff you know. I might have some secrets that I don't want to let loose." He set the box down and walked over to me.

"Ah, I saw this lyric book." It was the first book I saw. "I was wondering what other lyrics you had written. It's fine, right?" He nodded and walked out without giving me a second thought. I decided to actually look at it a bit in case he asks me about what he wrote. I pulled it out of the box and turned to a random page. This was an old one, from the Dark and Wild album. Some notes off to the side were also great, but it didn't really fit with the concept of the album. I looked through a bit more of the book and eventually put it back.

My curiosity went back to the notebook labelled "Secret." I went over to the box and pulled it out without a second thought. I flipped to the first page. It was actually just a diary. It started with his debut and near the center was the present day. One was dated yesterday. It was about a me coming to live with them. He admitted that he found me quite interesting to him. And pretty. How nice of him, I know he's not very expressive about his feelings but he was pretty expressive here. I read the entry to the end and read the last line.

"I hope she will love me if I love her."

You all get another one today! Jin's will be up sometime tomorrow. Basically, I write type these on Wattpad, revise it some, publish it there then bring it over to here. So... wait, what am I talking about. Anyways, I'm having fun writing the story, I hope you all are liking it too! Sorry if you think that I'm spamming the story. Now, please leave feedback and suggestions in the comments. Questions are welcomed too! Buing~

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