Woman Learns She's Been Secretly Divorced For 20 Years

A New York woman got the shock of her life recently when discovering her husband of 20 years secretly processed their divorce and never told her.

Allegedly, all 20 years ago, 90-year-old Gabriel Villa divorced his (ex?) wife, 59-year-old Cristina Carta Villa, four months after their wedding day as a move to protect his assets. He actually was able to pull it off for signing off on the divorce in the Dominican Republic, so that she'd have no idea.

(You know, like a prenup, but with a lot more passive-aggression.)

Cristina left her job as a teacher at Brooklyn College when they got married in 1994, and had spent the past two decades at home, raising their son, Lorenzo. The family splits their time between two homes in New York and France - both of which Cristina legally has no ownership of thanks to the secret divorce.

Needless to say, Cristina's pissed and taking this one to court.


Cristina is suing to nullify the divorce to reclaim ownership of their $1.4 million Manhattan condo. She claims that she had 'no recollection' of agreeing to a divorce and is afraid she will lose her home, as Gabriel has plans of selling it to his daughter from a previous relationship.

Part of me gets this because she really hasn't been working for 20 years, and it must really suck to be misled like this. The other part of me is just loling because I don't know how to frame her argument without making her sound like a Real Housewives star.

"He was absolutely charming and despite our age difference, it was love at first sight. It was and somehow it's still a great love."

I can't tell if this makes me feel BETTER for her or feel WORSE for her. Maybe this is different for every person, but if I found out my husband lied his way into divorcing me behind my back, I'm pretty sure that 'great love' would have burned to the ground.

So what do YOU guys think? Is Cristina's lawsuit justified?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more weird stories from the other side of Cupid's arrow, follow my Crazy Stupid Love collection.

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