Who Am I? Challenge

Joonie!! Hey everyone! I was tagged by the lovelies@ARMYStarlight and@MadAndrea to participate in this challenge - Who am I? I'll be sharing with you guys 15 random facts about myself so that you guys can get to know me a little bit better. First off I go by LilySilver here on Vingle as well as on Tumblr - just add 2722 at the end for tumblr, but if you find Jungkook you know you found me ;) I'm a diehard ARMY and my bias is Jungkook.

1) Sooo.......yeah :) hehehe I don't know the meaning of the word "no" either. I own 100+ too any books, seriously I think I own like at least 300 if not more. No lie. My reading tastes range from supernatural romances, to teen romances, to a large collection of historical novels as well as reference books and such.


2) I love history, specifically WWII era history and Early Colonial America. The second side of the war we fought with Japan gets overshadowed by what happened in Europe with Hitler so that's always been a huge draw for me. I love all aspects of the era, but I especially enjoy learning more about the fight with Japan.


3) I crochet lol yes, yes I do. I'm not the best at it, and I'm still learning a lot, but I'm getting there and I hope to open an etsy shop in the near future either by myself or with my good friend who also does crafts as well. 4) I HATE clowns.....this gif.....this is for the clowns.....damn clowns not a carnival person :) 5) I also hate dolls, like the porcelain ones, the ones who's eyes follow you everywhere. The kind they write horror stories about. *side note* I actually really like Chucky, because he owns the creepy factor and I respect that. At least he knows his place in the doll world.

6) I love music. I'm not much for creating it, because I've never tried, but I love appreciating it. I wasn't very good in school about learning the notes and stuff in music class.....sadly. For me music is universal, it's a language all its own. People make fun of me for having diverse taste in music, but I love music. I don't discriminate against genre or country or anything. If it sounds good then I'll listen to it and if it speaks to me I'll keep listening to it. That's how I found kpop back in 2009-2010 7) I'm a writer. I write all kinds of things mostly Fanfiction, but I have written some original material and I'm always coming up with new ideas and scenarios for people in real life. I people watch a lot as a result and I find myself observing rather than participating.

8) I love wolves ♡♡♡ Wolves are my spirit animal and I enjoy learning more about them. Wolves bring me a special joy that I don't get from other animals. If I could I would love to observe them in the wild some day.

9) I have never been to a concert before..... this is really just more of a sad fact than anything. On the upside of this....I do plan on attending the BTS Red Bullet Part 3 in the US, *fingers crossed they come to Chicago*, if not....I'm going anyway. My first concert -kpop- BTS ..... oh yeah BTS here I come!!

10) I love Native American cultures. Any and all, I have am unhealthy obsession, the only newspaper I read is a daily Native American online paper....I don't follow current events. Despite always being told that "history is happening now" I don't really care. I figure if I'm living it, then it's not as interesting to me. 11) I am allergic to cinnamon.....yes that means thanksgiving usually sucks for me. No pumpkin pie :'( but more turkey for me! 12) I send box tops to schools in need. I don't do this all the time seeing as I'm basically 1 person saving box tops, but my neighbor does save them for me as well as do my parents. I usually send them to Reservation schools that accept them. I looked into adding a school down in Arizona, but they no longer qualify, so I'm on the hunt for other schools that accept them. If you know of any schools please comment or message me with an address and please make sure that they do accept them! :)


13) I'm a huge Supernatural junkie. I love this show, I've followed it since the beginning, but I'm not up to date yet, I'm currently working on the end of season 9. I'm getting there! Season 11 will be mine soon enough!


14) I lovvvvvve Johnny Depp. I've seen almost every movie/show he's been in and then some. He's my favorite actor aside from Gary Oldman, Alan Rickman and numerous others, Johnny holds a very special place in my heart because one of the first movies I have memory of watching that wasn't animated was Edward Scissorshands.

15) Last, but absolutely number 1 in my heart forever and always - Paul Walker. Aside from Johnny Depp he is one of the first actors I began to follow at a young age. I've seen many of his movies over the years, but I haven't been able to watch any of his newer ones after his death. It took me almost a year to watch Furious 7 and I bawled like a baby. I thought I would never recover from his passing and in many ways I have not. I almost missed shark week 2015 because he'd been apart of it for so long behind the scenes finding the great white mating and pupping grounds. It saddened me to no end that they were found literally weeks after his death. I cried watching it....crocodile tears.....and I knew watching that that I could never watch one of his movies without feeling lost. tagging some lovelies:@SugaOnTop@Emealia@moonchild03@VKookie47@ILikeHisFace123@amobigbang@XionHeart@Kyokeo@kpopandkimchi@xojuliettexox@KellyOConnor@thePinkPrincess@DesireeChucklez@CreeTheOtaku@ninjamidori@ZoeMarieRitter let me know if you want to be added to my tag list!

BTS ARMY ♡ Jungkook is life :) Yoongi is inspiration, NamJoon is life goals, Hobi is my hope :), Tae is my baby, Jin is my chef, and Jimin....well Jimin just wrecks my entire bias list on a constant daily basis...... :) ooh well yes 'Girl Meets...' equals shots fired at Big Hit I see you there
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