BTS Screenshot game - A trip to the carnival

I would be so happy with namjoon holding my hands 😭😭😋 I mean he's my bias after all

I highly doubt this .. It should be the other way Around considering that the last time i went into a haunted house I hid in my cousins side ( I put my face on him hoping that he would lead us to the end of the haunted house .. ) so I'd probably would've been the one hugging jungkook or we both could've been screaming like just jeepers creepers up in that b*txh

Jimin you little slick ball ... Of course I would let you slide .. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to kiss Jimin 😭😂 Although I feel bad for cheating on Namjoon 😭😭

Of course I mean we both love to eat .. So it was bound to happen soon, am I right ?

Oh so someone's trying to be romantic that's what this is about 😭😂 Why so cliché Jimin ? Huh ? 😂😭

Aww I will forever be namjoon's even in cyber space 😂😂

Jungkook noo my heart belongs to namjoon what are you doing 😱😱😱 Le tags tho ~ @jiyongixoxo@kpopdeluxegirl@isolate@ashleyemmert I'm surprised with how this came out Link:

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