4 Reasons Why Guys With A Sense Of Humor Are Better

Whenever I'm asked what I look for in a guy, I always manage to throw a sense of humor somewhere in the mix. Funny guys are a dime a dozen and if you find yourself one, I suggest you hold on tight. A lot of guys have the ability to be corny, but not too many guys have the ability to be genuinely funny.

A sense of humor is hard to come across, but there's something about a funny guy that just makes everything so much better. Maybe it's the way he can put a smile on your face at the most random moments or maybe it's the fact that you can't help but not stay mad at him because he always gets himself a 'get out of jail free card' thanks to his sense of humor. Funny guys are the best and that's not up for debate, although if you're interested in understanding why that happens to be the case -- keep scrolling and see.

He Will Always Know How To Put A Smile On Your Face

Having a bad day or have cramps from the pits of hell? We've all been there. Not even an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air can lighten your mood, but the funny guy can. He has a way of making you smile and laugh at the same time, even on your worst day. It's effortless.

He Is Very Sociable, Which Means You Will Be Too

If your funny guy is a comedian, chances are he has a way with keeping a crowd around him. You won't ever have to worry about being bored or wanting to get out and do something. Chances are, he'll keep the party around him. If you weren't a social butterfly before, you might just end up being one.

There Will Never Be A Dull Moment In The Relationship

We all have our disagreements and petty arguments, but having a funny guy around -- don't plan on being mad at each other for long. Those turns will turn into laughs in no time.

Making Fun Of One Another Becomes A Way Of Life

He would never disrespect you, but he sure knows how to talk about the things he can't help but love -- like the way you snore super loud or the way you fall asleep extremely early like a grandma and vice versa. The jokes always come from the heart and that's what you appreciate the most.

"A sense of humor comes out ahead of intelligence, money and even good looks."


Are you convinced yet?

Funny guys are the best,

as long as the relationship isn't a joke, you're in good hands.

Okay, I'm kidding.

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